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Why Should You Advertise on Hello 6E, Indigo’s Inflight Magazine?

Sep 17, 2018 | Newspaper
indigo airlines advertisement

Air travel nowadays has lost the aura of glamour and luxury they had when commercial air travel first began in 1914. Gone are the days when people were in awe of the huge metal vehicles and used to dress to the nines when they were to travel by air. Now, it has become a common convenience and is used by some every other day. This change in perception has also lead to an increased need for entertainment, something which will alleviate the passenger’s boredom while on the plane. Entertainment may be in the form of a book to read or tablet full of your favorite movies. The airlines also do their best to provide some entertainment via video entertainment and audio entertainment. While not all airlines provide such high tech entertainment provisions, all airlines do have their own in-flight magazines which are always read through.

Inflight magazines are picked up and browsed through by most of the passengers. They pass time by flicking through the pages while waiting for the ascent and descent periods to be over. It is because of this very reason that inflight advertising has become a popular choice for advertisers. Magazine advertisements placed in these in-flight magazines are acknowledged for getting a high Return on Investment (ROI).

Advantages of Inflight Advertising

  • Since the passengers are restricted to their seats and have very few options to choose from, inflight magazine advertisement have a captive audience - which means that your audience has little choice in the way of entertainment options and so will come across your ad.
  • It’s an action-oriented medium meaning that individuals choose to read the magazine and therefore they are also more receptive to the content within.
  • The shelf life of airlines magazines are long and so your ad will have a longer period of exposure.
  • As the same magazine is placed on all the flights of the airlines, the reach of these magazine advertisements is huge.
  • Each airline caters to a certain audience and so it allows businesses to target their audience more efficiently.
  • The credibility of the airlines will also add to the credibility of the ad which you place. This improves your chances of a higher ROI.

Which Airlines should you choose?

There are a number of Airlines which have their own loyal customers and each with their own USP. However, if you are looking to have the greatest reach and impact via inflight magazine advertising then an Indigo Airlines advertisement is the right choice.

Why Choose Hello 6E - The Indigo Airlines Inflight magazine

  • It is the largest airline in India according to the numbers of passenger’s carried and fleet size.
  • It has a circulation of 12,00,000 copies.
  • It has secured 41.3% of the domestic market share, which is a majority percentage.
  • It is a low-cost airline which means that advertisers communicate to a range of people, from businessmen to students.
  • It had won a number of awards and accolades for their excellent services. As this adds to the credibility of the services of the airlines, so does it to your advertisement and business.
  • It is a popular airline for people on the go.

Book Ads in Indigo Airlines Magazine Instantly with Bookadsnow

To book your Indigo Airlines advertisement choose an agency which has prior experience with such magazines. Bookadsnow is an agency which has had decades of experience in placing such ads. As a Media planning, buying, and releasing portal; Bookadsnow can help place ads in Hello 6E, Jetwings, Shubh Yatra, Spice Route, Go Getter and many more. Their years in the industry have given them an edge in negotiating the best prices for their customers while ensuring the choicest section and position for the placement of your ad. As Bookadsnow wants customers to book ads online without any effort, they have a simplified process by which you can place an inflight advertisement online from their site or you can call @ 9830400021.

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