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Why Are Newspapers The Most Effective Medium For Placing Recruitment Ads

Sep 27, 2019 | Newspaper
how to give job advertisement in newspaper

Are you doubtful about the results that come from releasing recruitment Ads in a newspaper?

We totally understand your concern since in today's digitized world, organizations are taking the help of various online job portals to advertise vacancies. However, we must not forget that India is a developing country. Only about 29% of the individuals in our country have smartphones that are optimized for browsing job websites and using apps. Hence, from here we can say that the rest will still search for how to give an advertisement in the newspaper for recruitment Ads in the urban and rural populations.



This is especially true for the various outskirts regions in the country where access to the internet or smartphones is still a challenge. However, ironically, most industries, factories, and recruitment opportunities come up in these regions. What's more? If an individual is looking for a job opportunity, chances are high he will navigate through the recruitment Ads in the newspaper and mark the prospective job opportunities. Thus, people are more likely to find a job through recruitment Ads in India than websites.


Why People Find Newspaper Recruitment Ads More Reliable?

Newspapers bear a certain hallmark of trust. The older newspapers like The Times of India, The Anandabazar Patrika, The Tribune, The Hindustan Times and The Hindu are legacies more than just a mere publication. As a result, when people come across recruitment advertisements in such trusted platforms, they are more likely to respond instantly and positively. The name of such newspapers automatically adds a brand of trust to the job advertisements released in them.


Recruitment Ads in Newspapers are Effective for Hiring Locally

  • Newspaper advertising for recruitment allows companies to focus on certain geographic audience.
  • If you are in Kolkata and you want to hire fresh talents from the city, booking recruitment Ads in newspapers with high circulation and readership in that region is a smart decision.
  • Also, if a newspaper comes with a particular supplement catering to this genre, it is rewarding for the organisations as they can release Ads there for better engagement.


A Job Advertisement in Newspaper Offers Higher Flexibility

When we say flexibility, we particularly mean could include a photo, logo, background design and the message in your recruitment Ad as per your requirement. You can also choose the Ad placement, thereby making sure to garner a better viewership. The choice is entirely yours during advertisement booking maintaining your budget.

  • You can always compose your own recruitment advertisement based on the message you want to send and the cost per word/character/line.
  • You can always pick the advertisement type. Most newspapers offer at least three standard options: Classified Text Ad, Classified Display Ad and Display Ads.
  • You can judge the benefits of position, placement, composition, and cost while you are booking the ad.


Newspaper Ads are Easy to Book when you Familiarise with Bookadsnow

A job advertisement in the newspaper is transparent, easy to follow up and definitely more convenient for all parties involved in the recruitment process. To make the whole journey of booking recruitment Ads in reputed Indian dailies easy, you can tap on Bookadsnow- an online Ad agency who will help you with booking Ads from the comforts of your home or office. Our in-house media team will take care of your requirements and will guide you at every step of releasing an Ad. We will also provide you with the best Ad placement along with readymade Ad templates.


Apart from that-

  • We will provide you with the best newspaper Ad rates in the market for recruitment Ads by negotiating the same with the concerned media house.
  • We are INS accredited and have 30+ years of experience in the media sphere.
  • We come with the flexibility whereby we also accept the booking at the eleventh hour.
  • If you are sitting abroad, we will help you with booking newspaper ads in any newspaper and any edition.
  • We have also simplified the payment process and made it secure.

To learn more about booking newspaper recruitment Ads, drop us an email at or call us @9830400021.

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