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Why Are Newspapers The Most Effective Medium For Placing Recruitment Ads

Nov 01, 2017 | Newspaper
how to give job advertisement in newspaper

Online methods of advertising for job vacancies are becoming popular by the day. Be it websites or mobile applications, people can find jobs sitting at home easily. However, we must not forget that India is a developing country. Only about 33.4% of the people in our country have smartphones that are optimized for browsing job websites and using apps. A majority of the population still search how to give advertisement in newspaper for recruitment ads in the urban and the rural populations.

This is especially true for the outskirts of the cities, where most industries, factories, and recruitment opportunities come up more often. In fact, in homes with at least one job seeker, it is a ritual for the job seekers and their elders to sit down with the recruitment ads in newspaper and encircle the prospective job opportunities. People are more likely to find a job through recruitment ads in India than websites.


People find newspaper recruitment ads more reliable:

Newspapers bear a certain hallmark of trust. The older newspapers like The Times of India, The Anadabazar Patrika, The Tribune, The Hindustan Times and Times Now are more of legacies than the common news printing medium. As a result, when people come across recruitment advertisements in such trusted platforms, they are more likely to respond instantly and positively. The name of such newspapers automatically adds a brand of trust to the job advertisements in them.


Newspaper job ads are effective for hiring locally

Newspaper advertising for recruitment allows companies to focus on certain geographic audience. If you are in Kolkata and you want to hire fresh talents from the city, advertising for job openings in a newspaper like Anadabazar Patrika or The Hindustan Times, which has a high readership in the city will be more than rewarding. This is very true for niche newspapers and magazines that focus on a specific geographic audience via targeted reporting on business, politics, and entertainment of the city only. For this, we have supplements that cater to specific cities and towns of India, garnering the attention of selected reader-folks.


Job advertisement in Newspaper offer higher flexibility

You could include a photo, logo, background design and the message in your recruitment ad and place it on the front page for more attention. Or, you could just place a classified text job advertisement on the Classifieds page of any reputed daily. The choice is entirely yours during advertisement booking. You can pick the placement according to your need and budget.

  • You can always compose your own recruitment advertisement based on the message you want to send and the cost per word/character/line.
  • You can always pick the advertisement type. Most newspapers offer at least three standard options: Classified Text Ad, Classified Display Ad and Display Ads.
  • You can judge the benefits of position, placement, composition, and cost while you are booing the ad.


Newspaper ads are always more convenient

Job advertisement in newspaper are more transparent, easier to follow up and definitely more convenient for all parties involved in the recruitment process. You can book recruitment ads in reputed Indian dailies from the comforts of your home or office and our media consultant team can take charge of the rest of the process. It is definitely more cost-effective than TVCs and Radio Spots. It is more tangible since you will know the locations of your ad release, the days of releasing the recruitment ad, the recruitment ad booking charges and the response from the same advertisement. Newspaper advertisement helps in the measurement of ROI more accurately.

If you have the message, we have the infrastructure

Do not worry if you do not have the analytical talent to analyze the impact, ROI and market penetration. Bookadsnow can successfully take charge of the process. With 30 odd years of experience, Bookadsnow can find your recruitment ad a place in the most reputed dailies, help you reach out to your target audience and guide you through the ROI verification process.

At the end of the day, newspaper job recruitment advertisements are always more accessible to the common people of India. Not all jobs need great technological prowess and that includes jobs in teaching, sales, hands-on servicing, and social work. Don't let the flood of digital advertising and online advertising get you down. Book newspaper recruitment ads today and harvest the fresh talents with a high response rate.

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