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Bookadsnow: India's Prime Choice for Newspaper Advertisements

Aug 06, 2022 | Newspaper
newspaper ads online

How often have we heard that print is dead? The truth is, its relevance is far from over. Recognized for its credibility & mass appeal, it can actually boost marketing ROI by three times on average. Of course, combining this with other mediums (& support from a good newspaper advertising agency) can pave the way for even better results. Research often points to 2 most critical periods where newspaper advertising finds its effectiveness:

  • Preparation stage: Where people do not buy but are planning to do so

  • Maintenance stage: Where people currently buy & intend on doing so

Newspaper advertisements are known to be excellent vehicles of brand awareness. Despite the increasing proliferation of social media platforms, a 2019 study found that physical newspaper ads continued to be effective. They are also easy to absorb, can be used for specific audiences/ regions and offer enhanced visibility as a medium.  

Readers spend more time with a newspaper in hand – they fully focus on the content in front of their eyes. Don’t forget about the trust that comes with newspaper ads online. With such benefits in mind, your messages are bound to leave an impression, don’t you agree?

But it’s only when you select the right newspaper advertising agency.

How Bookadsnow Stands Out for Newspaper Advertising Needs

To master the game, it’s important to first know the rules. But what if there were quicker and more effective ways to get the job done? That’s where industry experience comes into play. This newspaper advertising agency has been around for more than 30 years in the sphere of media. By collaborating with India’s most popular brands, it has made a mark for itself due to its tailored yet winning solutions.

For instance, here are a few common questions asked:

  • Which newspaper is best suited for my business?

  • When is the best time to book newspaper ads online?

  • What position & size of my ad will drive maximum impact?

  • How to get the best newspaper advertising rates online?<

Everyone in business is looking for the most effective ways to obtain reach and generate leads. This is where experience & expertise makes all the difference. Beyond helping people book newspaper ads online, Bookadsnow puts forward result-driven advertising solutions based on the diverse goals of every business.

But more importantly, it is also a trusted name.

Bookadsnow is backed by the prestigious INS accreditation

  • It has long-standing relations with India’s top media houses

  • Leading brands like JK Tyres and Lux prioritize Bookadsnow

  • It has a clear understanding of what it takes for businesses to stand out.

So here’s a quick glance at what every business can expect.

Services Offered by India’s Prime Newspaper Advertising Agency

Bookadsnow is primarily known as an online media planning, buying and releasing portal. It offers 24/7 newspaper advertisement bookings services with the benefit of last-minute bookings. It also maintains complete transparency in terms of pricing. For the best deals on newspaper ads, Bookadsnow negotiates with media houses to further bring down the costs.

However, it’s so much more than that!

It’s a one-stop destination for all things related to newspaper advertising. Being an individual-focused platform, its team of media experts also help you book newspaper ads online. Besides end-to-end booking guidance, you also get assured on-time releases with flexible payment options.

The media experts also pitch smart solutions to clients to help utilize their budgets to the fullest. Providing the best shortcuts to a successful ad campaign, they guide and assist clients at every stage of the process – planning, buying, and releasing newspaper ads online.

Helping bridge the gap between confusion and success, nothing beats Bookadsnow!

For a better understanding of how we can assist you, get in touch today!

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