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Advertising In The Leading Inflight Magazines Now Gets Simpler Through Bookadsnow

Sep 02, 2019 | Newspaper
inflight magazine advertising

A flight magazine is one of the most important advertising tools in modern times. Pan American World Airways had introduced the first Inflight magazine called Clipper, in 1956. Over the last six decades, the number of airlines, passengers, and frequency of flights has increased manifold. Simultaneously, the count of such magazines to has grown.

Advertisers the world over are looking to display their brands to a well-heeled audience, ranging from trendy millennials to business professionals. A flight magazine is a perfect solution for them. It is a strong engagement and sales tool, a perfect medium to advertise their products to a traveler because distractions are limited in its case. The advertisers gain a highly receptive audience as such.

Book Inflight Magazine Advertisements for better profit and engagement

Inflight magazines are produced by specialist corporate publishers. They offer a plethora of articles related to art, culture, science, technology, lifestyle, etc and the number of flight magazine readers across the world is more than the number of readers of traditional magazines.

An Inflight magazine has guaranteed circulation as well as huge viewership, both of which ensure high brand recall. Tangibility, too, is one of the most important benefits of magazine advertisements. It has a much longer shelf life than a newspaper and is often browsed through for months after publication. This could very well mean that your ad may have an audience for up to six months after its initial insertion.

People have stopped browsing traditional magazines because of the availability of the same kind of infotainment on their smartphones, laptops or e-readers. But on a flight, they cannot access such electronic devices and are bound to flip through the flight magazine, which has very interesting content. The only form of competition it might face can come from the novels, magazines or newspapers that the travelers might be carrying with them on the flight.

Readers tend to spend more time with a magazine than a newspaper per sitting, so there is more chance they will come across your ad. The key strength of an Inflight magazine is targeting with precision and without wastage. Moreover, it can capture the attention of the reader in a restricted ambiance with little distraction, which ensures a positive attention span. It has a captive audience that just cannot get up and walk away.

Some of the leading flight magazines to advertise in, in India are –

Bookadsnow is an online media planning portal with tailor-made media planning and booking services. Advertising in the leading Inflight magazines now gets simpler through Bookadsnow.

Online flight magazine ad booking with Bookadsnow is as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Select “Inflight” as the category of magazines from the list given in the Magazines section

  2. Select the magazine you would like your ad to be published in

  3. Fill in your ad details and contact details and submit your query

As soon as we receive your query, our media expert will get in touch with you with the best plans for your flight magazine advertising campaign and provide you with the best rates for your ad. Book your Inflight magazine ads online and hassle-free now with Bookadsnow.

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