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Zee TV

147000 (000)

Zee News

92000 (000)

Star Gold Tv


Sony Max

179000 (000)

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ABP Ananda

15000 (000)

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63000 (000)


54000 (000)


110000 (000)

Star Jalsha

27000 (000)

  • Why Television Advertisements?
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Despite the growing strength of social media networks, television advertisements are still a more influential medium when it comes to people’s purchase decisions. As per the reports from the Television Bureau of Advertising and Knowledge Networks Inc., 37% of television viewers make purchase decisions after watching television advertising compared to 7% for social media networks. Plus, it has the lowest cost per reach compared to other media verticals.

Reach:As far as our knowledge is concerned, India is the second largest TV market in the world. Not just that, there are around 153 million households with 680 million viewers who spend minimum 3 hours per day watching TV. On the whole, there is 65 cores monthly viewership. Hence, television advertisements have the potential to reach a large volume of viewers in go within few seconds. They can actually reach 80% of the viewers across the nation instantly.

Demographic Targeting:When it comes to demographic targeting, hitting television for advertising about any brand should the best channel. Be it for adults, kids, toddlers, millennial, or senior citizen, television advertisements have something ready for each age group.

Strong Impact: Television advertisement can be so eye-catching and enticing that it can instantly have a strong impact on the minds of the viewers. People learn about new things and products largely through the television advertisements.

Ability to Differentiate:We have mentioned earlier, television advertisements are the best way to reach the targeted audiences in no time. Hence, depending on your target audience, you can choose the specific time frames, zip-codes, countries, language, age, and market segments for airing a particular television advertisement.

Multi-Sensory Appeal:When it comes to TV advertisements, there is a proper combination of text, images, sound, and pictures, all of which effectively appeals the human senses. Thus, television advertisements develop 360-degree communication with any brand and its characteristics.

With more than 1000 channels in India, television advertisement are the best way to reach the targeted audiences in a short span of time. Rates of Television Advertisement Depends on:

Past Advertising History of the Advertiser:You being a brand, must check the past records of any particular TV Advertising agency . television advertisement to be on the higher side for that Ad agency.

Category the Advertiser Operates Under:When we say category, all we mean is the type of channel they choose to work for extensively. Different ad agencies operate under different channel category like sports, fashion and lifestyle, kids, music, entertainment, news, etc. which largely decides the rate for a particular advertisement.

Duration of the Campaign:The time duration of your advertisement will also decide the amount you need to pay for releasing your ad. A proper TV campaign generally runs for more than a year. Hence, the longer you wish to run a particular campaign, the more you'll have to pay for your campaign.

Number of Ad Spots the Client Wishes to take in each Time Band:Apart from the length of your ad, the number of times you want your Ad to be displayed in each time band backed up by a particular spot also decides the rate of your television advertisement. If you choose the premium spot for your brand during the prime hours of television, then expect the rate of TV channel advertising to be on the higher side.

Length of the TVC:The length of TVC also decides how much a brand will have to pay for airing a TV advertising. A TVC is generally played for a few seconds or minutes. Hence, the longer the length of your television advertisement, the rates will go up accordingly.

Major Highlights of Television Advertisement

Apart from the previously mentioned points, here are few more facts that are entangled with television advertisement.

  • Live TV Ad Monitoring System

  • Competition Mapping and Tracking of Activity on TV Channels

  • Pre Evaluation & Post Evaluation of Activity

  • Estimated Spends of Competitor’s Activity

We have been very impressed with Lookad's ability to literally read our minds and deliver a corporate identity that perfectly symbolizes our vision and conveys the stylish, elegant and modern image we need to sustain the development of our company. They have added value to our marketing operations. Wishing you all the best for future.

Lookad and Bisk Farm have partnered each other for over a decade and half . Successfully and with great gusto. Lookad's perseverance to be committed and passionate about the brand ensures a win win deal for all. Both in TV and Press

Lookad (India) Pvt. Ltd. has been associated with TV Today Network Ltd. for the last 18 years. Lookad, with good set of clients and the approach of effective media buying and planning has benefited the clients over the years.

We have been very impressed with Lookad's ability to literally read our minds and deliver a corporate identity that perfectly symbolizes our vision and conveys the stylish, elegant and modern image we need to sustain the development of

Media space is inundated with multiple options and multiple algorisms. The navigational challenge, however, remains the same in terms of attracting the fleeting attention of consumers, engage them and inspire

tv advertising
Different ad spots have different rates.

Most often you pay a premium for prime spots while your ad is not aired in those spots. Hence you do not get the maximum ROI.

tv advertising makes sure you get what you pay for.

We get you the prime spots for your ad and not only that - we provide you a detailed daily report of all your ads that were aired during the day.

tv advertising
Also, not all media agencies will tell that it’s not the costs, but the spots that matter.

It’s about choosing the right ad spots with the right time interval and making sure your ad gets the maximum viewership.

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