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Newspaper Advertising Rates

The primary question that concerns most ad bookers is the associated costing of the advertisement. No matter how big a brand is, it is impossible to overlook the newspaper advertising rates or the cost involved in releasing one. Many advertisers drop the plan of releasing a newspaper Ad as the rates fail to fit their budget. Whatever be the case, newspaper Advertising rates play a vital role in deciding whether one will release an Ad or not, which is why at Bookadsnow we have decided to work differently. Newspaper advertising cost cannot be treated as a commodity that can have a fixed price. There are several conditions and clauses that are often not passed on by agencies to first time ad bookers. At Bookadsnow, we believe that each release requirement is unique and needs to be treated accordingly.

Why does bookadsnow not display the newspaper advertising rates?

At Bookadsnow, we work differently and unlike other Ad agencies, we do not believe in displaying the Newspaper Ad card rates. It is because we strive to provide the best Ad rates to our clients by negotiating the same with various publication or media houses. We learn about the requirements of our clients and accordingly work out a newspaper advertisement cost for the Ad. This unique policy of Bookadsnow has enabled the organisation to stand out in the market amidst a pool of Ad agencies in the market. While 30+ years of experience and INS accreditation have enabled us to earn a good name in the media sphere, as an advertiser you are entitled to check a few factors on which your newspaper advertisement rate will depend.

Factors Determining Newspaper Advertising Rates

Classified vs Display Ad: The first and the foremost factor deciding the price of a newspaper advertisement is the Ad format. In other words, the price depends on whether you choose to publish a Classified Ad or a Display Ad.

  • Classified Ad: The price of a Classified Ad is based on the number of characters / words used, the Ad size, Ad layout, etc.

  • Display Ad: The price of a display Ad depends on the colours used, illustrations, photographs or fancy lettering. On a general note, display Ads will always cost you more than classified Ads, hence it is generally preferred by brands or businesses.

City or Location Specific: It is a known fact that most of the newspapers have more than one edition. Hence, the newspaper Advertisement cost also depend on the location where you choose to publish the Ad. For example, a national publication like The Times of India has editions almost every in small and city of the nation. However, the Ad rates in this newspaper differ location wise. If you choose to publish an Ad in the Kolkata edition of TOI, it will cost you less than the Delhi edition. It is because Kolkata experiences a better circulation and readership of Telegraph compared to TOI. Again, if you wish to publish in multiple editions of TOI, then chances are high that the overall cost involved in releasing advertisement in TOI will decrease.

Publication Popularity: The Newspaper Advertising rates also depends upon the popularity of the newspaper. Generally, it is calculated based on the circulation and readership of the publication, which it has earned over time. In other words, the more popular a newspaper, the higher the Ad rates.

Weekdays vs Weekends: The next factor that contributes to the cost of a newspaper advertisement is whether it gets published on a weekday or a weekend. Typically, newspaper readership is at its peak on the weekends and so the advertising costs for major newspapers are adjusted accordingly. As the chances of going through the newspaper Ad is more on the weekends than the weekdays, the newspaper ad rates are more on the weekends.

Colour vs Black & White: Another factor that essentially affects the newspaper advertisement cost is whether the Ad has colour and how many colours. Colour Ads are costlier than the monochrome or black and white ads. Some newspapers may distinguish between multi-colour advertisements and those that feature only a single colour.

Ad Position: Newspaper Advertisement rates also depend on the position of the Ad. The first type of Ad position relates to which page of a newspaper the Ad is appearing on. Ads appearing on the right-hand side of the newspaper will cost more than the one appearing on the left-hand side. It is because users generally tend to focus first on the right-hand side of the newspaper; hence the Ad rates for this side of the page is higher. Apart from that, the front-page Ad, cover on cover type Ad and back page Ad of a newspaper will cost you more than the Ads placed somewhere in between the pages of the entire publication.

Bulk Deal: If you intend to indulge in a bulk deal, i.e. releasing multiple ads with the same publication, then expect to receive a discount on your final newspaper Advertising rate which is not possible when the same is released only as a single insertion in a newspaper. Hence, a bulk deal will fetch you a discount, thereby reducing the total expenditure incurred.

Advertiser History: This is one of the most important factors, yet a lot of advertisers or upcoming advertisers are not aware of it. Advertiser’s history plays a prominent role in deciding the newspaper Advertising cost. Suppose an advertiser had released an Ad in TOI around two years back which costed him nearly 25,000/-. However, if he decides to release an Ad at the present day in TOI, his rate history with the publication will play a major role and cannot be superseded. Alternatively, if you are a fresher who is planning to release an Ad in TOI, expect to receive some percentage of discount on your Ad rate which is no possible otherwise.

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We have been very impressed with Lookad's ability to literally read our minds and deliver a corporate identity that perfectly symbolizes our vision and conveys the stylish, elegant and modern image we need to sustain the development of

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