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The 5 Best Hindi Newspapers to Advertise in for Best Results

Mar 03, 2021 | Newspaper
Top Hindi Newspaper for Releasing Ads

Advertising in newspapers has always been a prime way to grab audiences and promote brand loyalty.

Alongside the visual mediums of television and digital, advertisers can’t help but fall back on newspaper advertising owing to its variety of benefits. Even while the entire world seems to be moving online.

Concrete credibility. Enhanced geographical reach. Real interaction.

Advertising in newspapers brings a complete package of benefits to advertisers.

And advertising in India is the most effective with an advertisement in a Hindi newspaper!

Being a storehouse of culture and education, there are a variety of languages to choose from! But Hindi has always stood as the most effective choice, which is why we have shortlisted the top Hindi newspapers that are definitely worth advertising in.

Looking to Advertise In India? You Must Consider These First!


Dainik Jagran

Dainik jagran Ads

One of India’s most coveted newspapers for advertisements, this publication has its roots in the year 1942. It covers all aspects of subjects pertaining to daily life while also displaying a strong reach across the country. Backed by a variety of editions, here are some of its popular supplements for targeting audiences on the basis of specified interests:


  • Jagran Khet Khalihaan (agriculture)
  • Yatra (travel)
  • Nai Raahein (employment)
  • Nayika and Sanguni (womenbased)
  • Josh (youth-based)
  • Tarang (lifestyle)
  • Glamour Duniya (Bollywood)

Even confirmed by the IRS, this newspaper proudly stands at the top of India’s newspaper advertising peak with a total readership of 7,03,77,000. Whether content, editorials, supplements or influence, a Dainik Jagran advertisement has it all and easily finds its way on this list.

Dainik Bhaskar

dainik bhaskar ads

Similar to the quality of the aforementioned publication, Dainik Bhaskar is another successful newspaper often eyed for its profitable nature. Providing about 46 editions spread across 11 states, it has a daily circulation of 3,758,949 backed by a readership of 5,14,05,000. A Dainik Bhaskar advertisement is also available in supplements for such as Dharmdarshan and Rasik – another profitable avenue for advertisers.

So to summarize, here’s what advertising in Dainik Bhaskar has in store for you:


  • Strong circulation and readership
  • Compelling yet objective content
  • Well distributed across India’s pockets
  • Complemented by popular supplements
  • Resonates with various strata of society  


Rajasthan Patrika

rajasthan patrika ad

Without a doubt, this newspaper easily stands as one of the top 10 Hindi newspapers. And for good reason too. With its inception in the year 1956, it is now circulated across 36 cities and 8 states with a whopping circulation figure of 1,813,756. Keeping the spirit of journalism alive through credible, well-crafted news item, it becomes easy to reach audiences in places like Gujrat, Delhi and Jodhpur with a Rajasthan Patrika advertisement.



Amar Ujala

Amar ujala ads

Especially for regions such as Haryana, Uttarakhand and Chandigarh, advertising here is sure to work wonders for your business. Amar Ujala is a newspaper that came into existence in 1948 and has worked its way up the ladder to become a strong choice among advertisers today. Besides the daily dose of national and international news, it also possesses supplements such as:



  • Udaan (education)
  • Rupayan (women related)
  • Manoranjan (entertainment)
  • Zindagi Live (Bollywood)

As per ABC statistics, it enjoys a daily circulation of 2,610,784 along with quality content for readers. Not many know that this newspaper is the embodiment of a ‘free’ India – the values which India stood for as an independent country. Keeping this basic yet integral spark alive, it’s not surprising that this publication finds itself on this list.


Punjab Kesari

Punjab kesari ads

Known for its great popularity among Hindi speaking audiences, this newspaper shows great influence in regions such as Shimla, Panipat, Ludhiana and Jalandhar. Did you know that this newspaper started with 3500 copies? Now it prints about 15,71,000 copies regularly touching topics such as sports, entertainment, local and international news, etc. So if you considering putting your money in the right place, this will surely give you the results you seek.

Granted that placing an advertisement in a Hindi newspaper today will surely bring great benefits.

But have you jumped ahead and thought about the advertising rates? Not many do, and then the entire process becomes complicated later on. With online booking portals such as Bookadsnow, this has become much easier due to:

Bookadsnow newspaper ad booking online


  • The best advertising rates
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