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JetWings - Jet Airways International Inflight

150,000 copies (000)

JetWings - Jet Airways Inflight

350,000 copies (000)

6E World - IndiGo International Inflight

800,000 copies (000)

Hello 6E - IndiGo Inflight

12,00,000 copies (000)

Shubh Yatra AIR INDIA

225000 (000)

Spice Route - Spice Jet Inflight

200,000 copies (000)

Go Getter - Go Air Inflight

150,000 copies (000)

Vistara-Air Vistara

75000 (000)

Bihanga- Biman Bangladesh

100000 (000)


60,000 copies (000)

  • Why Magazine Advertisements?
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Magazines have been there in the market for over 250 years and over the time they have gathered a strong base of readers for themselves. Not just that, the look and feel of magazines have also developed over the years which have been attracting the brands to release more advertisement with the top notch magazines in the market. Know the benefits of Inflight Magazine Advertising Now!

Reasons of Advertise in Magazines

Long and Strong Presence: Magazines have been there in the world of media for over 250 years. Hence, they have a strong customer base which makes it an important channel to reach the readers.

Magazines and Magazine Advertisement capture Focussed Attention: Magazines are designed to look classy and control multitasking. They are known to provide 100% attention to a particular brand advertisement.

Lasting Impression: Generally, we tend to browse through the pages of magazines during our free time when we are not engaged with anything else. Hence, the attractive brand advertisements which are published in the magazine tends to create a lasting impression in our mind.

Advertising is Targeted: It is a known fact that the market is filled with magazines catering different genre like sports, food, fashion, lifestyle, entertainment, automobile, etc. This allows them to engage readers in a personalized manner.

Aesthetic: One of the most major advantages of a magazine is its classy look which throws a premium impression on a particular brand advertisement. The quality of paper used for magazines and the quality visual effects create a better impact on the readers’ psyche.

Brand De-clutter: Magazine advertisements help brands break the clutter. The advertising space in magazines does not encourage the presence of more than two brands per page. Sometimes it is restricted to one brand for one full page. This increases the prominence of an advertisement.

National & International Reach: Magazine advertisements provide a good reach at both national and international levels.

Since magazine advertisement gives a classy look to your Ads that are viewed by the loyal bunch of readers, magazine advertisement is the second best medium for publishing your Ads. Rates of Magazine Advertisement depends on:

Past Advertising History of the Advertiser:The past work experience of an Ad agency should speak a lot about the rate of a magazine advertisement. If an Ad agency has a history of working with some of the leading magazines and brands backed up by exceptional results, expect that Ad agency to charge higher for per magazine advertisement

Category the Advertiser Operates Under:Certain Ad agencies prefer to work under one or two genres of the magazine. A lot of time, this factor decides the rate of a magazine advertisement as some category might prove a tad more expensive than the other. Hence, accordingly set your budget for a magazine advertisement.

Number of Insertions:The rate of magazine advertisement also depends on the number of insertions a brand or a client wish to take. It is recommended to go for bulk deals as it makes the whole process quite pocket-friendly.

Why should you Book Magazine Advertisements with Bookadsnow?

Competitive Rates and Complete Transparency: One of the biggest takeaways about Bookadsnow is that we do not have any fixed rate, unlike other media planning portal brands. You can come up with a budget of your choice and according we will guide you through your magazine advertisement process. Not just that, the media rates with Bookadsnow is negotiable up to 80%. We will charge the lowest rate in the market without compromising on the quality of their work.

Better Positioning for your Advertisement: Bookadsnow will make sure to provide you with the best positioning option for your magazine advertisement. We will let you know whether the advertisement will look good on the right-hand side page, first few pages or last few pages.

We have been very impressed with Lookad's ability to literally read our minds and deliver a corporate identity that perfectly symbolizes our vision and conveys the stylish, elegant and modern image we need to sustain the development of our company. They have added value to our marketing operations. Wishing you all the best for future.

Advantages of advertising in magazines with

The best media plan that works for your brand at the most competitive advertising rates

Unique and innovative magazine advertising options that grab the reader’s attention.

Our media plan ensures no duplicate reach. Book magazine ads with us to get the highest reach for your brand within your budget.

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