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Ananda Bazar Patrika: Kolkata's Top Bengali Newspaper Ads

Aug 25, 2022 | Newspaper
anandabazar patrika job advertisements

From a time where English-language newspapers dominated the market to regional languages booking the market, we’ve come a long way. To be more specific, regional newspapers are experiencing a boom in the print media space with an increase in the number of copies and users with time. Be it newspaper ads online or in hand, constant eyeballs have assisted the advertising field with understanding which newspaper works best over others.

Since India is a huge country housing people from different nationalities, regional newspapers are sure to set records for every advertiser. And, if it’s a newspaper like Anandabazar Patrika, be rest assured that promising results are coming your way. Before we decode ways to book ads in this newspaper, understanding more about it does resolve multiple roadblocks and gaps.

Anandabazar Patrika- Top Regional Newspaper for Advertisements

If you are looking to target your advertising, especially in Bengali, the anandabazar patrika advertisement delivers the results you seek. Proven to be one of the most successful, and effective advertising platforms, this newspaper is the best way to reach your message to a bigger audience. Showcasing a wide circulation of over 10,00,000 copies, this newspaper is in high demand, especially for notice and display advertising requirements.

Since this newspaper is popular in the regional phase, it's necessary to understand the category of advertisements that they showcase.

  • Display Ads- This one falls under the expensive advertising category. If you are looking to target your audience with a better response rate, these eye-catchy ads are prepared to keep this sole purpose in mind. Commonly seen in the middle, front or end of a newspaper, these ads showcase attractive headlines to grab your attention.

  • Classified Display Ads- For most Indian newspapers, especially anandabazar patrika job advertisements, this is a cost-effective option to consider. Easily viewed in the classified section of the newspaper, these incorporate the logo, color, and customized font style that is charged keeping your requirements in mind.

  • Classified Lineages- This ad format is similar to classified display ads excluding the image section. These lines of text include bolder fonts and borders with clear-cut messaging to attract readers to your offering.

Other than the types of advertisements offered, understanding the reasons why book ads in this newspaper is important. Hence, here are some of the reasons why anandabazar patrika advertisements are beneficial.


Benefits of Booking Ads in Anandabazar Patrika

  • This newspaper is the most read newspaper across the whole of West Bengal. Having the most eyeballs across the city, helps your advertisement gain the best reach and results.

  • Does not restrict your advertisement just to your target audience, but also to those that share similar interests.

  • Being a newspaper that has gained trust and attention over the years, publishing your advertisement here would prove to be more credible than others.

  • Low budget and Cost Effective- Choosing anandabazar patrika advertisements are affordable and economical. Offering the best results at pocket-friendly prices is a deal one shouldn’t miss out on.

All these pointers seem incomplete without the assistance of a good media buying agency, ensuring a seamless advertising process isn’t possible. With the best regional language newspaper comes the best media buying agency in Kolkata that assures smooth planning and advertising process.

Bookadsnow, with 30+ years of experience in the media planning field, ensures your advertisement reaches your target audience without much hassle and turmoil. So visit the bookadsnow website, follow simple steps and ensure your ads rank with the best regional newspaper in the city.

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