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Welcome to, your gateway to smart media buying.


An initiative by Lookad India Pvt Ltd, Bookadsnow is an online media planning portal with tailor-made media planning and booking services. Television ads, newspaper advertising and magazine ads are our forte and we aim to provide quality media planning, buying, and evaluation solutions across all advertising mediums.


Lookad India, a leading media buying and releasing agency based out of Kolkata, is amongst the oldest in the media planning industry with three decades of experience behind it.Winner of Highest Business Giver Award from Sanmarg for 10 years in a row, Lookad has provided effective solutions to some of the biggest brands in India. Founded by the late B C Lunia, not only is Lookad into media planning, it is also a media advising and consulting agency.

Bookadsnow is Lookad’s visionary footprint in the space of online ad booking and releasing.

vision and values

We aim to revolutionize the concept of booking ads by making it simple, fast and easily accessible anywhere in the country. With a formidable network with media platforms from every corner of India, high quality services and experienced in-house design and customer support, Bookadsnow is geared to create a mark in the highly competitive and new-age arena of virtual ad release.

We believe that media is not a commodity to be bought or sold online and we come in to expound the lack of transparency already prevailing in the industry.

what we do

Bookadsnow has tied up with Dentsu to bring you the best media planning along with insights. We help brands get the maximum ROI on their media spends by negotiating media rates on their behalf. Media rates are negotiable up to 80% and we can guarantee you the lowest rates in the market. But it does not end there. Our long term relations with the media houses mean you get the most sought after ad spots which results in the highest ROI for your brand.

How do you know whether your ad was featured in the page you paid for or in the time slots you chose for TV advertising? We provide you a hard copy of the newspaper/magazine in which your ad was featured. For TV ads, we have a live TV ad monitoring setup that records the time your ad was featured for and the spots in the ad break they were featured in. We are the only agency that provides a daily report of the ads being aired so that if there is any discrepancy in the ad slots booked and the ad slots aired they can be corrected immediately.

The roles of most media planning agencies end after booking media space for you. We go one step further in assisting your media buying process by providing you with reports. We are an agency that provides assistance in media planning from start to finish, not only helping you choose your media wisely but also in analysis of the performance.


Newspaper ads: We help you get the best ad spots at competitive rates, negotiate on your behalf and help you reach your target audience with the right mix of newspapers for your ad to be featured in.

Magazine ads: Our unique and innovative advertising solutions in magazines come from the rich insights we have on magazine readership behaviour. Our advertising options help you connect with your niche target audience with minimal duplicate reach.

Television ads: We have the best media insights for your brand and help you plan your television campaign as well as choose the best positioning for your ads in channels best fitting your brand.

Radio ads: We are associated with all local and national radio stations and FM channels across India. We help you blend your content with suitable radio programmes, leading to solid brand building.

Digital Consulting & Digital Media Marketing: Our digital wing provides services for your modern needs and we create campaigns for your brand to make its mark in the digital space.

Single Screen/Multiple Advertisement: Engage with a more involved and focused audience with our cinema advertising plans which utilize not only multiplexes, but also single screens for greater impact and sustenance activities.

OOH: Communicate your brand positioning and capture consumer attention with us like never before. We strategise your OOH plans to build awareness and increase engagement for your brand.

why us

One of the first agencies to get an INS (Indian Newspaper Society) accreditation, we are here to make a difference and what we bring to the table are:

  • Complete transparency with media buying at every step of the way
  • Media consultation
  • Evaluation reports & Proof of execution
  • Ready formats for content and template for first time ad bookers
  • Flexibility regarding last-minute ad bookings
  • Best platform and positioning for your ads
  • Prime slots for your brand
  • Live TV monitoring setup