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Not Getting Results? Make Your Newspaper Ads Even More Effective

Jul 22, 2021 | Newspaper
Newspaper Ads

Advertising is the subtle link that exists between advertisers and audiences. Of course, the efficiency of the advertising medium plays a huge role when it comes to building bridges of communication. A newspaper advertisement in this regard has proven to be a great way of reaching out to target groups and making advertising objectives a reality.

But what if you realize that your expenditure and results are not in sync – there could be something that is preventing you from utilizing the medium to its fullest. Hence, we have listed down a few important pointers to make sure that you make the most out of this medium.

Here’s all you need to know.

Secrets to Effective Newspaper Advertising Finally Revealed

It’s all about the headline

Perhaps the best way to grab the attention of the reader is through a solid, catchy headline. They should be short and simple while making your newspaper advertisement stand out from the clutter. This is particularly important for three reasons:

  • Readers glance through the paper quickly
  • Readers tend to have a short attention span
  • Readers will not read every ad in the paper

A strong headline should be enticing enough to make them read further.

Your choice of newspaper matters

Newspaper advertising can be an expensive affair. But whether on a local, regional or national level, costs will vary and so will results. It’s wise to choose the type of newspapers that your customers actually read. Even if a popular national daily can fetch results, it is a waste of resources since you have not focused on the readers that matter. Opting for the services of a well-known newspaper advertising agency can greatly help in this regard.

Make your message stand out

This involves a series of vital considerations such as:

  • Positioning and placement of the ad
  • Colour schemes and graphics
  • Fonts and their respective sizes
  • Benefits and USPs, etc.

With creative considerations besides the product/service information, you can draw maximum attention towards your newspaper advertisement. Using colour will charge you so ensure that it’s used only if necessary. Besides these, remember that people tend to notice the right side of the paper before scanning the left – placement matters so use it to your advantage.

Do you understand your TG?

How well do you know your target group? The more well-versed you are with factors such as education, interests or income, the better your ads can address their needs. Hence, the newspaper advertising agency you choose should take time and perform insightful market research. Which aspects of your products are most valued? Where are your warmest leads generally originating from? What type of customer contributes to sales with higher profit margins? These types of questions can make your ads more impactful than ever.

Crisp, clear and creative content

The choice, length and type of words should be strategically used. Whichever the route, ensure your newspaper advertisement creates an emotional impact along with a unique presentation of information pertaining to the product/ service. Adding a call to action will provide a sense of direction while a hint of urgency can also push customers towards a purchase. Don’t forget to add the required contact information so they can easily contact you if need be.

Pay attention to your expenditure

Newspaper advertising is not a trivial matter. Right from the creation of the ad to its eventual release in a newspaper – there are a huge expenditure involved. But the most crucial aspect here is the advertising rates. So when it comes to booking newspaper ads online, choose an established name like Bookadsnow for the best rates based on your precise requirements. You will find a series of benefits when choosing this online ad-booking platform:

  • 24/7 ad-booking services with last-minute booking facility
  • Creative assistance is always on stand by
  • End-to-end booking guidance with tailored solutions
  • Flexible payment options for added convenience
  • Offers media planning, buying and releasing services

Many people ask themselves: ‘How do I advertise in a newspaper in India?’ With Bookadsnow, you can easily release an ad in the publication of your choice through a few simple steps – 

  • Open the Bookadsnow website
  • Select the newspaper 
  • Select the ad type and city
  • Upload your creative content
  • Provide your contact details

Making this process easy as possible, it’s time to reap the benefits of newspaper advertising!

Get in touch today and let’s aim towards bringing a higher ROI for your business. 

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