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How to Book ads in Hello 6E Indigo Airline Magazine and Why?

Jun 28, 2018 | Newspaper
indigo airlines advertisement

Sitting idle on a long flight is quite boring and the airlines are strategically taking advantage of the situation here. An advertiser looking to promote one’s brand, product or services, should consider releasing Magazine Advertisements distributed in the flight.

Airlines are eager to increase revenues and they have a really unique proposition where they have a customer’s undivided attention due to the lack of other things to do. Airlines are opening up every square inch of their planes to advertisers, selling space on tray tables, walls, overhead bins, soap dispensers, cocktail napkins and barf bags. Due to which you have to be smart and analysis where would you want to advertise.


Indigo Magazine: Hello 6e – The Right Place to Advertise In!

Indigo’s Inflight Magazine, Hello 6E is an exclusive magazine circulated with the intention of keeping all Indigo fliers engaged. The monthly magazine has an unbelievable circulation of over 200,000 copies, thereby allowing an Indigo Airlines Advertisement in the Hello 6E Magazine to reach out to approximately 34 lakh fliers in one go. Isn’t it great news for the advertisers who intend on reaching out a mass audience?


Benefits of publishing an Indigo Airlines Advertisement

Trapped Audience

Since the passengers in flight can't get up and walk away even if they are bored, they become like caged individuals seeking to engage themselves. In this regard, in-flight advertising is one of the best ways to get them hooked on to the Ads.

A high rate of exposure

With Indigo’s growing demand and fame over the years, publishing an Ad in their In-flight magazine will provide huge viewership and advertisement opportunities to advertisers, thereby ensuring a high brand recall.

Highly targeted audience

With Indigo Airlines Advertisement, a mass audience can be targeted by analyzing their geographical origin, destination, routes, and even by their preferences of purchases in the flight. With In-flight Ads, targeting the right audience has become so easy that you don't even need any assistance to guide you. Most of the frequent fliers are decision makers and the right audience for any brand.

Longer Shelf life

Hello 6E magazine is published monthly, giving the Ads a longer shelf life than newspapers. They are often browsed through for months after publication. So your Ad might have an audience for up to 6 months after its initial insertion. Moreover, readers spend more time engaging themselves with a magazine than a newspaper, so there’s more chance that they will run across your Ad.


Simple and Easy Indigo Airlines Advertisement Booking through Bookadsnow

After learning about the above-mentioned benefits of publishing an Indigo Airlines Advertisement, it is quite obvious for advertisers to be bewildered at the point on how to book In-flight Magazine Advertisements! Well, advertisers now can have the privilege to book In-flight Ads online through Bookadsnow. 

Bookadsnow is an online media planning portal based out of Kolkata. With an accreditation by the Indian Newspaper Society (INS) and long-standing presence in the industry for the past 30 years makes them one of the most reputed and reliable ad booking agencies of India. Most importantly, Bookadsnow gives you the chance to book advertisement online from the comfort of your home or office for any media outlet across the country and in any city of your choice. Their trained media experts help their clients with creative layouts keeping in mind their budget and personally negotiating with the concerned newspapers for the lowest Ad rates. They also offer attractive packages for all advertisers and instant booking confirmations.


How to submit Magazines Ad requests through Bookadsnow

With Bookadsnow, booking a request for Hello 6E magazine Ad online is just a child’s play. The process is as follows:

  1. Visit Bookadsnow
  2. Choose the category you wish to advertise in (TV advertising /newspaper advertisement /magazine advertisements). In this case, choose Magazine Advertisements.
  3. Select Hello 6E magazine by Indigo as your preferred magazine.
  4. Fill your advertisement details to let the media experts of Bookadsnow know if your Ad creative is ready or not, your preferred ad size, and the objective behind your Ad. Advertisers have the privilege to publish their Ads in other magazines at the same time just by filling the said option.
  5. Submit your details (Name, Email Id, Phone number, and Comments)

Finally, click the ‘Submit Query’ button and the media experts of Bookadsnow will get back to you with the best media plans as per your requirement. If you’re new in the process of Ad booking for Indigo Airlines Magazine, you don’t need to get confused or anxious as Bookadsnow is just a call away! Just drop a message or call them at +919830400021 and the media representatives will walk you through the whole process of booking Ads online.

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