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Book Advertisement in Dainik Jagran Newspaper at Lowest Rates

Founded in 1942, Dainik Jagran was a witness and follower of the Quit India Movement and has been faithfully pursuing its journalistic endeavours ever since. With a circulation of 3,632,383 daily and an even larger readership, Dainik Jagran advertisement is one seen by crores. Get the benefit of lowest Dainik Jagran advertisement rates in the industry by placing your ad with Bookadsnow. As a company with more than 30 years in the industry, they can negotiate and secure not only low advertising rates but also the best position and section in Dainik Jagran.

Language: Hindi

Frequency: Daily

Circulation: 3,632,383 daily

We do not display any rates as all media rates are negotiable. Please get in touch with our media experts for the best rates!

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  • Why Dainik Jagran ?
  • Additional Information

Dainik Jagran is the most widely circulated Hindi daily in the world. It started in 1942, in Jhansi and since then it has been a mark of quality and trustworthiness. More than just another Hindi daily, Dainik Jagran is a legend that has once borne the details of India’s struggle for freedom. Here is how Dainik Jagran advertisement has created a legacy of its own:

  • Dainik Jagran is now available in 27 cities and towns. This includes all major cities including Delhi, Lucknow, Kanpur, Kolkata, Mumbai and many more.
  • It has over 16.4 million readers per issue in India.
  • The Dainik Jagran advertisement rates are economic and negotiable.
  • As per BBC-Reuters, it is India’s most credible Hindi daily.

Avail the best Dainik Jagran advertisement rates even for last minute booking with Bookadsnow

Dainik Jagran covers a plethora of news topics including sports, business, politics, international news, entertainment, health and fitness, and lifestyle. Thus it caters to a wide range of people with varying purchasing power. Thus, the Dainik Jagran advertisement rates are suitable for both individual advertisers and large enterprises. You will not see the Dainik Jagran advertising rates anywhere on our website.

Our prices are negotiable and we can help you save up to 80% on any Dainik Jagran advertisement campaign. Our system and our team will help you find the best prices once you fill in the specifics of your online Dainik Jagran classified like notice ad, obituary ads, recruitment ads, appointment ads etc booking requirement.

Dainik Jagran classified rates vary depending on the category of advertisement

There are 3 main types you can choose from while booking your Dainik Jagran advertisement online:

  • Classified text ads: Dainik Jagran advertisement rates are the cheapest for classified text advertisements. These are simple text ads which can be either colored or B/W.
  • Classified display ads: this is a little costlier than text ads. You can book a display ad for making your ad more visible. The price for this Dainik Jagran ads varies according to per sq. cm.
  • Display ads: these are the most conspicuous of all ads in the Dainik Jagran. They include company logos, pictures and various fonts for increased visibility. The Dainik Jagran advertisement rates for display ads are also the highest.


How to book an ad in the Dainik Jagran?

Visit the Bookadsnow website and select Dainik Jagran as your chosen medium. The rest is as easy as the next 3 steps:

  • Choose the category of your Dainik Jagran advertisement
  • Submit your advertisement in a supported format or create your own ad using our online template
  • Select your preferred location for your ad
  • Select the preferred date for publishing your Dainik Jagran Classified and complete your payment via offline or online processes.

Our payment pathways have SSL encryption. This can keep all information about your cards and bank accounts completely safe. You can also pay via offline methods including direct cash collection and cheques.

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Recently Asked Questions

How do I book an obituary ad in Dainik Jagran?

Dainik Jagran is a popular Hindi daily with its presence in 27 eminent Indian cities and towns. Some of these places include locations like Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, etc. With Bookadsnow, you can book Obituary Ads in Dainik Jagran by adhering to simple steps stated below:

The Process

Step 1: Select 'Obituary Ad' from our homepage.

Step 2: Choose 'Dainik Jagran' as your preferred newspaper.

Step 3: Of the three formats available, the client should pick one that best suits their requirements. The three formats are Display Ad, Classified Text Ad, and Classified Display Ad.

Step 4: From the three forms available, pick one that best aligns with the requirements of the client.

  • Start by specifying the location(s) where the Obituary Ad needs to be released.
  • Mention the size of your Obituary Ad. Please keep in mind that the sized can be adjusted as per the need of the client.
  • After uploading the content of the Ad, mention its date of release. If the client needs assistance, they can also choose a layout from readymade templates prepared by Bookadsnow.
  • Lastly, the client needs to provide their personal details and submit the form.

Once a request for an Obituary Ad in Dainik Jagran has been processed, our media experts will contact the client to obtain clarity about other important details like the budget.

How do I book a display ad in Dainik Jagran?

Dainik Jagran is the most popular Hindi daily with an extensive circulation across the nation. With a 16.4 million reader base, Dainik Jagran is the most sought-after newspaper for publishing display Ads by the brands who seek to pitch their brand name right. At Bookadsnow, we have made the process of booking Display Ads in Dainik Jagran simpler.

The Process of booking display ads in Dainik Jagran:

Step 1: Click on the 'Display Ad' icon on our Homepage.

Step2: Select Dainik Jagran as your desired newspaper.

Step 3: An online form will appear on the screen, specially made for the Display Ad.

  • Fill up the online form by mentioning the location of the Ad release (one or more).
  • Select a size for your Display Ad from the given options. Alternatively, you can also customize the size of your Ad.
  • Provide the creative of your Display Ad and mention the date of release. However, if you are new to booking Ads, Bookadsnow has their own set of readymade templates or creatives that will generate a healthy result out of your display Ad.
  • Lastly, mention your personal details and add a comment (if needed), thereby submitting the form.

Once you are done with the task of booking a display Ad in Dainik Jagran, our in-house experts will call you and guide you with the other details of your display Ad. They will understand your requirements and budget and then propose the most viable media outlet accordingly.

For further details, get in touch with us @ 9830400021 or drop us a mail @

How do I book an appointment ad in Dainik Jagran?

Appointment Ads work as the right means to hire the right candidate for a particular job profile. While Dainik Jagran is one of the most widely circulated Hindi daily in the nation with its presence in 27 cities and towns, Bookadsnow has made the Ad booking process quite simple which can be wrapped up in a few simple steps.

The Process

Step 1: Select 'Appointment Ad' from the available Ad types from our Homepage.

Step 2: Click on 'Dainik Jagran' as your concerned newspaper.

Step 3: Choose an appropriate Ad format for your Appointment Ad as per your requirement. You can choose from the Display Ad, Classified Text Ad, and Display Classified Ad.

Step 4: You'll come across three distinct online form for each Ad type/format.

  • Fill up the form by mentioning the location of the Ad release (one or more cities).
  • Specify the Ad size for your Appointment Ad from the available options. You can also customize the Ad size as per your requirement.
  • Upload the Ad creative or the content along with stating the date of Ad release. Alternatively, you can also choose from the ready templates and creatives which are available with Bookadsnow to simplify the process further.
  • Lastly, mention your personal details (name, phone number and email Id) along with a comment (if needed) to specify your requirement, followed by submitting the form.

Once you are done with the whole process of booking your Appointment Ad, our in-house media team will contact you and guide you with other details of your newspaper advertisement along with setting up a relevant budget for your Ad.

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