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  • Why Book Public Notice Ads in Newspaper ?
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How to book Public Notice Ads?

Notice Ads are those announcements that are published by the government or any business company to inform the common public about the changes that take place in the associated entity. Hence, a newspaper is the most appropriate medium to transmit any such information as it is one of the most authentic sources for any ads like these.

Public Notice ads consists of mainly two types:

  1. Legal: As the name suggests, Judiciary ads are those which contain any legal notice, the sale or purchase of any flat, any changes made by the Government, and so on.
  2. Corporate: These notices are mainly related to the update status of shares, board meeting updates, annual general meeting, shifting of a registered office, etc.

When does a public notice usually get published?

  1. Listed below are the factors that affect the publication of a public notice:
  2. In case of a family property dispute on claim of legal heir property
  3. After a property deal
  4. Cancellation of a property agreement
  5. Dissolving an oral agreement of a the seller and buyer
  6. Property Auction
  7. Change of name or registered location of a property
  8. Death of a parent leaving no property nomination
  9. For investing property title

Other types:

  • Loss of share certificate advertisements
  • Divorce notice
  • Bank notice
  • Redevelopment notice
  • No affiliation notice
  • Court notice

With Bookadsnow, book your public ad notice, at an ideal rate with additional benefits like top-class graphics and other consultancy from our team of experts.

Looking for an ideal content for a public notice to be published in a newspaper?

Public notice ads are very significant, especially in a secular country like India. Mainly published by Government or corporate institutions. Public Notice ads are those which are usually of national or public interests or a legal requirement. Public notices in newspapers:

  • Have no limit on the size of the advert.
  • The advertisement can contain texts as well as images
  • There are certain legal formalities that need to be filled.

Newspapers are the most cost-effective medium and also reach the majority of people. Hence, book your public notice today with Bookadsnow!

You know the 3 steps to book your ads with Bookadsnow:

  1. Select the newspaper of your choice for the advert
  2. Fill your ad and contact details and queries, if any.
  3. Our expert team will get in touch with you for further proceedings.

If you are confused about the selection of a newspaper, just drop in a message, our media experts will surely fix the problem for you. For further doubts, confusion and consultation contact us and book your Public Notice ads @ Bookadsnow today!

Recently Asked Questions (FAQ):
What are the documents required to publish a notice ad?

To publish a notice advertisement, you need to furnish a scanned copy of your PAN card, your ad content under the letterhead of your advocate, and court order, where applicable. Our media expert will guide you through your ad booking process from start to finish.


Which newspaper should I book my notice ad in?

Notice Ads or Public notice ads in the newspaper are published in the newspaper to let the concerned party know about developmental changes or modification in rules, regulations or policies. Such ads are generally published for the citizens of a nation by the Government or even by the non-Government bodies. Even individuals take part in publishing such Ads whereby they convey legal information or make clarifications.

However, consider these factors before publishing a notice Ad.

  • Demand: Demand for the newspaper, is something that you must consider before publishing your notice Ad. The more widely a newspaper is read, be sure of a successful notice Ad campaign to spread your message to a wider audience.
  • Target Audience: Choose a newspaper that will allow you to target your potential audience with ease, which in turn will facilitate better engagement with your notice Ad.
  • Regions: Choose a newspaper which is published in multiple regions across a nation. This is because if the preferred newspaper is published in that region where your targeted audiences are concentrated, then chances that your Ad will yield better results are higher.

Hence, you must consider these three factors for publishing a notice Ad. You can also consider publishing a notice Ad in local newspapers if your targeted audience consumes the regional daily very fervently.

If you are still hesitant about which newspaper you should choose booking your notice advertisement, feel free to call us at +919830400021or check out our website here. Our media expert will get in touch with you and assist you in choosing the right newspaper according to your budget and requirements.

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