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  • Why Book Display Ads in Newspaper ?
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Why release display ads in a newspaper to win more audience over other ads?

The biggest factor that sets your advertisement in the minds of the readers is a display  advert. People would often remember the advertisement they see or hear more than what they read. When it comes to newspapers, it means that the use of pictures or a repetitive advertisement would help you enter the subconscious mind of your audience. Display advertisements here play an important role. It not only helps to cater a large audience but also influences a positive purchase decision. Book your display ad with Bookadsnow today!

How does Bookadsnow help you to book display ads that meet your requirements?

Bookadsnow is your one-step solution to booking a Display advertisement that will garner the attention of your audience. With guaranteed best rates in the market, Bookadsnow promises to provide you the finest quality of ads with both high resolution coloured as well as black and white formats well-created by our team of in-house experts. Since, newspaper is a cost-effective and communicative medium for transmitting information, it is sure to reach every household, office and libraries of India. With Bookadsnow, your job becomes a step simpler.

How to book a Display ad online with Bookadsnow?

Listed below are the steps to success by publishing your display ad in a newspaper with Bookadsnow:

  1. Select a newspaper of your choice for booking an advertisement
  2. Fill your ad and contact details along with your queries (if any)
  3. Our media expert will get in touch with you for further procedure

How does it work?

Display ad is an effective tool to market your product/service in a newspaper blacked by appealing visuals and banners. For a brand that has just commenced, display advertisement can work just fine as it will raise a lot of eyebrows in one go. It will convey the call-to-action with minimum texts and will grab the attention of the  majority of your audience. So Display Ads does have a lot of benefits.

Multiple Display Ads to maintain a streak among the audience:

In order to grab more audience keeping the existing ones in loop, it is imperative to continue publishing your ad for a decent amount of time to ensure productivity. This exercise has proved to be effective since its initiation. Get in touch with us to book your ad today!

Elements required for a Display advertisement:

It is said that display ads contain mostly visuals. Is it enough to grab the audience? A strategic placement of the texts, visuals and essential information is required. Read ahead to know the elements required to publish your ad:

  • Mention your call-to-action clearly. We often think of a quirky way of presenting a call-to-action that might cater to an audience, but eventually people might get confused.
  • Using attractive images as visuals is the most important part of the display ad.
  • Placing your logo in a smart way so that it is easier for the audience to identify your brand as well as the advertisement.

The media experts at Bookadsnow ensure to design an ideal content complementing your brand. Thus, book your display ad in your desired newspapers with Bookadsnow today!


Recently Asked Questions (FAQ):
Which newspaper should I book my display ad in?

Display Advertisement in newspaper is generally published by the brands to create an awareness among the mass and to pitch the brand correctly. Since they are an expensive form of display, individuals do not take an active part in publishing such form of Ads. Hence, a brand must consider these factors before publishing a display ad.

  • Popularity: Popularity of the newspaper, is what you must consider first before publishing your display Ad. The more widely a newspaper is read, be sure of a successful display Ad campaign for a better brand engagement.
  • Target Audience: Choose a newspaper that will allow you to target your potential audiences without any hindrance, which in turn will facilitate a better engagement between your display Ad and your preferred audiences.
  • Regions & Circulation: Choose a newspaper which is published in various regions across a nation with a high circulation. This is because if the preferred newspaper is published in that region where your targeted audiences are found, then chances are high that your Ad will yield better results.

Hence, you must consider these three factors for publishing a display Ad, which otherwise might prove to be futile. You can also consider publishing the display Ad in local newspapers if your targeted audiences speak in the local language more often than that of English or national language.

If a brand is still unsure as to which newspaper they should choose for booking a display advertisement, feel free to call us +919830400021or browse through our website here. Our media expert will get in touch with you and assist you in choosing the right newspaper according to your budget and requirements.

What are the benefits of booking an ad online with Bookadsnow?

Bookadsnow is India’s leading online ad booking portal. Booking an ad online with Bookadsnow is simply a click away!

  • Book ads anytime anywhere – from the comfort of your home or while on your way to work
  • Choose from different types of media and in it, different publications and channels. Make an informed decision about your ad campaign.
  • Simply submit a query and our media expert will get in touch with you to provide you with the best of our media plans
  • We bring you the most competitive newspaper advertising rates available in the market
How do I book a display ad in a newspaper?

When a brand seeks to enter the subconscious mind of newspaper readers to increase the brand engagement, Display Ad works best in this case. Display ads in newspaper are effective at every step of the consumer engagement from strengthening awareness to determining the purchase decision. Such ads are designed using high resolution coloured or black and white templates with the presence of minimal text. You can also engage in publishing Display Classified Ads which includes texts as well as images and is considered to be the trendiest form of displaying any type Ad.


The Process of Booking Display ads through Bookadsnow

Step 1: Click on the Display Ad from the given list of ad types.

Step 2: Select a newspaper of your choice among the available ones.

Step 3: You'll come across an online form, specially made for Display Ads.

  • Start by mentioning the location for publishing your Display Ad (one or more city).
  • Next, decide the size of your Ad campaign.
  • Next, upload the creative or the content of your Display Ad and also mention the date of release.
  • Lastly, mention your personal details along with a comment (if needed) to define your conditions followed by submitting your query.

Once you are done with the whole process of booking your Display Ad, our in-house media team will contact you and guide you with other details of your Ad campaign along with setting up a budget for you.

How do I differentiate between Classified Text Ads and Display Ads?

Classified Text Ads: These form of Ads are the most common type found in every newspaper. Such Ads only consists of text or run-on-lines with no images, whatsoever. They are published in the Classified section and the amount is charged based on the number of lines or words or characters used in the content.


Display Ads: If you want to go elaborate on your Ad campaign, Display Ads in newspaper is your answer. Such Ads are mainly popular among brands, as for an individual it is not a cost-effective option. Such Ads are best when a brand seeks to promote its name, product or services. Such Ads are designed using coloured or black and white images with minimal text. They are extremely attractive and provides higher visibility. Display Ads are slightly expensive whose price is charged per square centimetre.


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We have been very impressed with Lookad's ability to literally read our minds and deliver a corporate identity that perfectly symbolizes our vision and conveys the stylish, elegant and modern image we need to sustain the development of

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