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  • Why Book Property Ads in Newspaper ?
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The Aim of Property Ads in Newspaper

Property advertisement in newspaper is released when you look to buy a property, rent, sell, or lease it, and so on. They contain all the key details and layout of the property you wish to list. They also contain your contact details, so interested parties can contact you directly. They help you showcase your property to the relevant target audience and reach the maximum number of potential customers.


What are the Types of Property Ads in Newspaper?

There are three types, in terms of format – Classified, Classified Display and Display.

Classified Property Ads are the most common way of advertising in the property ads section. One of the most trusted mediums, they are simple, run-on-line ads. They are charged based on the number of lines or words you use in the content of the advertisement. Place your real estate ad under the proper sub-category- such as to-rent, for sale, accommodation available, accommodation wanted etc so as to reach the relevant audience

  • Make sure your property advertisement is noticeable
  • Always provide contact details so that interested parties can get in touch with you easily

Classified Display Property Ads are modern and new-age. They have been in vogue in recent times. Creativity and designing play an important role in the case of Property advertisement in newspaper. They are more elaborate and detailed than text ads. They are more prominent and easily grab attention, thereby being more effective. Rates for classified display property ads are calculated per square centimeter. They have both black and white and color options.

Display Property Ads are elaborate, highly enhanced, and carefully designed. They are one of the most expensive forms of a newspaper advertisement.


When booking Display Property Ads, ensure to:
  • Provide attractive and colorful images
  • Use text in decorative fonts
  • Provide your logo

Get in touch with our media experts to book Classified, Classified Display, or Display ad today!

What Should Be The Ideal Content for My Property Ads?

There are some certain Guidelines that you have to follow to write about Property Ads in newspaper


  • Make sure the content of your real estate ad is to-the-point and crisp.
  • Include your contact details so interested parties can get in touch with you easily
  • Put in the specific call-to-action, e.g. book apartment, to rent, to lease, and so on
  • When you book Property advertisement in newspaper, Specify the property booking period in a precise manner
  • Your property advertisement in newspaper should include details such as the covered area, configuration, ownership kind, location, infrastructure and amenities offered.


What Images Should I Use For My Property Ads in newspaper?


  • Images attract readers to your advertisement. Images are an important part of a ­display advert.
  • The images you use highlight the appeal and strong points associated with your property. They motivate the buyer to set it apart from other options.
  • The image can be a college that calls attention to the best feature of the apartment/bungalow/commercial space. It can also be the top-level view of the entire property exhibiting everything within the building or area.
  • Our media experts will assist you with all the nitty-gritty associated with real estate ad booking. Get in touch with them to book real estate ads ad today!


Booking property ads online with Bookadsnow is as easy as 1-2-3


  1. Select the newspaper you would like to book advertisement in
  2. Fill in your ad details and contact details and submit your query
  3. Our media expert will get in touch with you to bring you the best rates for your ad

If you do not know which newspaper to choose, simply drop in a message and our media expert will guide you from start to finish in booking advertisement.

Recently Asked Questions (FAQ):
What are the documents required to publish a property ad?

To publish property ads in newspaper, you need to furnish a scanned copy of your PAN card, your ad content, and images, if any. When you publish a Property Notice ad, your ad content should come under the letterhead of your advocate. Our media expert will guide you through your ad booking process from start to finish.

Which newspaper should I book my property ad in?

Bookadsnow deals with a gamut of newspapers. However, choosing the right newspaper for the purpose of publishing a property Advertisement in newspaper depends on a few strict factors. These factors include:

The popularity of the Newspaper: It is a known fact that a renowned newspaper will have an extensive reach all across the nation. Hence, choose a newspaper which is distributed in almost every corner of the country.

Readership: If the concerned newspaper has a high readership, it will make the targeting process much simpler for you. You'll be able to easily hit your target audiences for your property Ad campaign.

The language of the newspaper: You must consider the language while targeting your audiences. Hence, choose a newspaper which releases Ads in that particular language which is mainly used by your potential audiences.

Let us also put down an example for you. Suppose, you want to publish a property Newspaper Advertisement about a housing project in Kolkata and you are situated in Delhi. Hence, make sure to publish the Ad in the newspapers which have a wide circulation in Kolkata as your targeted audiences are situated in Kolkata. You can also publish the property Ad in the local newspapers of the city that will facilitate better interaction between your Ad campaign and the targeted audiences. Still, if you have any further doubts about booking your property Ad, call our in-house expert team who will suggest you the best newspaper(s) for publishing your property Ad campaign.

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