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Rajasthan Patrika Advertisement Booking Online at Best Ad Rates

Mar 12, 2019 | Newspaper
rajasthan patrika classified

A Hindi daily, Rajasthan Patrika is a print media news brand that has been synonymous with the quality of news, its local connections and the credibility for more than 6 decades. With its fascinating history, Rajasthan Patrika’s journalism is also renowned for their analysis, opinion, and insight. The fact that this newspaper is the fourth most read Hindi newspaper in India proves the attraction of the diverse and discerning audience towards it. For what it’s worth, the numerous National Awards won for its contribution to the society through journalism and CSR activities, makes the Rajasthan Patrika Advertisement section a space to reckon with.


Why Book Newspaper Ads in Rajasthan Patrika?   

The multiple editions for multiple cities give the advertisers the opportunity to reach a huge crowd of readers at once. The Rajasthan Patrika classified pages provide a much coveted and lucrative platform for all kinds of advertisements including, obituary ads, job advertisement in newspaper, property ads and even brand endorsements. Being one of the leading vernacular dailies in the country, booking classified ads in this newspaper may seem to be a tough nut to crack, but the expertise of newspaper advertising agencies like Bookadsnow makes the online process of booking newspaper classified ads faster and easier.

Providing an immersive reading experience, recruitment ads, obituary ads, notice ads in Rajasthan Patrika and many more, enjoy a great platform and visibility. The Rajasthan Patrika classifieds can be booked in a different size, column, and budget as according to one’s requirement. As compared to the stronghold of Rajasthan Patrika in the newspaper industry, the rates of booking newspaper ads are way too humble and genuine. Having the perfect placement for your ads at justified rates is all a reality with the expert guidance of Bookadsnow.


The Process of Booking Rajasthan Patrika classifieds:

Check out the simple and economical process of booking Rajasthan Patrika Classifieds with Bookadsnow below:

  • Choose the newspaper: ‘Rajasthan Patrika’, select the date, location, and ad type of the advertisement (Ad Types: Classified Text Ad, Classified Display Ad, Display Ad)
  • Upload the content online or if there is any problem, submit your contact details along with the query.
  • The media experts will get in touch to understand the prerequisites and guide you through the ideal media plan and quote rates accordingly.
  • On the payment gateway page, select your preferred mode of payment, after which the newspaper advertisement cost along with relevant discounts will be available. The online gateways are secured and convenient, but there is also an option for offline payment.

One of the major reasons why Bookadsnow is the ideal agency for booking newspaper ads is: No Fixed Rate Policy. Since the ad rates depend on multiple factors, like the type of ad, the day when they are published and so on, media experts in Bookadsnow diligently provides the best rates available for the category, thus preventing you from fixed rate scam.


Newspaper Ad Formats for Rajasthan Patrika Classifieds

There are 3 ad formats available for releasing ads in Rajasthan Patrika:

  • Classified Text Ads: Matrimonial Ads in Rajasthan Patrika, for example, are published in simple text format under pre-defined headings and on a particular page every day. They are charged on the basis of words/lines per content and the ads can be highlighted to garner attention in the form of colour highlights, font, and other such enhancement options.
  • Display Ads: Display Ads are rather unmissable as they appear alongside editorial content. The liberty to add attractive logos and striking images to your ad, they are generally used by advertisers to promote brand and product. As they are more elaborate and enjoy premium placement, they are slightly higher on the price scale.
  • Classified Display Ads: Similar to regular display ads, as they include the scope of inserting images, customized header-footer: they are slightly economical as compared to the former. For instance, Obituary Ads in Rajasthan Patrika, appear in smaller width sizes in classified columns and are not limited to text or characters. They are available in two sizes: Single Column and Double column.

Bookadsnow is one of the few newspaper advertising agency which has been accredited by the Indian Newspaper Society for their amazing contribution to the media industry over the last 3 decades. With their online portal’s assistance, you can book Rajasthan Patrika Advertisement, very conveniently and at rates which are relatively lower than the industry rates. This is all possible as they enjoy trusted and long-standing partnerships with Industry pioneers and media houses like Rajasthan Patrika.

Trust this agency to scheme a perfect anchor and pull strategy for your company. Still in doubt? Submit the Form now, our media experts will call you regarding this.

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