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Book Newspaper Classifieds Through an Ad Agency

Mar 28, 2019 | Newspaper
newspaper classifieds

Print media is quite impossible to wipe out from that market, no matter how much the present generation is found hooked to social media platforms. We are not demeaning the power of social media; however, let us just face it print media has been there in the picture for ages and will continue to rule. One of the biggest advantages of print media (apart from reading daily news) is booking newspaper advertisement through Ad agencies. Plus, in today’s world booking ads in newspapers have become quite simple and less time to consume.

‘Bookadsnow’, recognised by INS (Indian Newspaper Society) is one of those media planning portals that has made booking newspaper classifieds simple and cost-effective. Plus, one can book ads in a newspaper covering a number of topics like Matrimonial ads, Obituary ads, Notice ads, Job ads, etc. Keep reading to know why people even today rush to book newspaper ads via an ad agency.

Reasons for booking Newspaper Advertisement through Ad Agencies

newspaper classifiedsTargeted Marketing: Newspaper classifieds facilitates targeted marketing or targets the group of people who are interested to see your ad. It easily helps in hitting that group of people who have already shown interest to learn more about that subject. With print advertisements, you can easily target people based on their profession, region, language or various other factors. Hence, with booking ads in the newspaper you tend to grab the attention of the right audience rather than some unwanted people to generate faster results.



newspaper classifiedsCost-Effective: In the present day, with the help of technology and smart ad agencies if you book ads in newspaper, your promotional budget will be more effective and efficient as your message will be designed for that niche who are interested to learn more. Using the concept of targeted newspaper classifieds advertising to reach the targeted audience will incur less expense. Plus, the option of flexible pricing strategy whereby the price is decided based on the type of ad, the clients can place that type of ad that will not cross your budget.



newspaper classifiedsDeeper Engagement: It has been found that people than to spend 15-20 seconds scanning any particular website or social media platform; hence chances are less that very few ads will register in their mind. However, with newspaper readers who spend at least 10 minutes daily to read the content, will pay better attention to the newspaper classifieds which further allows better engagement with the printed ad.



newspaper classifiedsBetter Ad Recall: To second the above-mentioned point, since newspaper ads encourage better engagement, possibilities are quite high that an individual will recollect the ad better even when it is not displayed at the present moment in front of him/her.

Longevity: While the email campaigns get lost in your email box or get transferred to the trash box, newspaper classifieds tends to linger around even after a month. Chances are quite high that in this process, an individual might get attracted to a particular ad of his/her interest even after a month which is not quite possible with social media ads.

Why must one book Newspaper Classifieds through Bookadsnow?

With that being said about the reasons to book ads through an ad agency, Bookadsnow is a media planning portal which operates under Lookad India Pvt Ltd. It is a customisable media planning portal and books ads for television, newspapers and magazines. They have received the INS accreditation and they book ads in some of the most popular newspapers like Times of India, Telegraph, Dainik Bhaskar, Economic Times, Hindustan Times, etc. for a successful ad campaign for each and every client.

With Bookadsnow, one can book a variety of ads like Matrimonial ads, Job ads, Obituary ads, Property ads, Display ads, etc. Hence, it is a one-stop solution to all your ad related problems. Why are we saying so? Here are the reasons:

Strong relation with every Media Houses: Due to their presence in the market for a long-term (30+ years), Bookadsnow have a long-term, strong and trusted relationship with almost every popular media house all across the nation which is not found with other media planning organisations. Bookadsnow is a brand in itself which encourages them to successfully carry out the demands of each client, be it for the newspaper classifieds, magazine ads or TV ads.

In-house Media Planning Team: Bookadsnow has a smart and expert in-house media strategy planning team who exactly knows how to guide you in the journey of planning, buying and releasing an ad. They know the exact pitch for a particular type of ad that will fulfil the requirement of their clients. Many times, brands are sure about their budget but they happen to remain confused about how to present the ad. In this case, Bookadsnow in-house media planner guides them through the whole process whereby they plan how to create the ad and where to place it along with buying and releasing the ad. Due to their presence in the industry for over 30 years, they happen to maintain a strong bond with every media houses and hence knows the art of publishing or releasing newspaper classified ads with the top-notch media houses.

Media Buying Strength: Yet again, thanks to their 30+ years of presence in the market that have allowed Bookadsnow to create a strong bond with the best media houses in the nation. Bookadsnow makes great long-term deals in bulk at a much lesser price to fulfil the demands of the brand that allows them to earn the best ROI in the market.

30+ Years of Presence: As we mentioned above, Bookadsnow has been there in the industry for a long 30 years. Hence, they have a crystal clear idea about the tricks that will allow a brand to earn the best ROI through the action of planning, buying and releasing the advertisement in newspaper, TV or magazine. Plus, as a bonus, they have a long-standing relationship with the popular media houses in the nation.

INS Accreditation:  Bookadsnow is recognised by Indian Newspaper Society or INS which is a huge credit as it marks that the brands or the media houses can trust the organisation for the purpose of fulfilling their needs.

Flexible Payment Option: With Bookadsnow Ad Agency, you can make payment using various payment channels. You can make payments using your Debit card, Credit card or Net Banking channel. They also support NEFT for online cash transfer, cheques, demand draft or even cash collection from your home/office premises as the offline payment mode.

Complete Transparency and Negotiable Media Rates: Yes, Bookadsnow believes in maintaining transparency with their clients to avoid any confusion and build a base for trust. After you tie up with Bookadsnow for releasing newspaper classifieds or magazine ads, they will provide you with a hard copy of the newspaper or the magazine in which your ad was featured. For TV ads, they have a live TV ad monitoring setup that records the time when your ad was featured and the spots in the ad break they were featured in. Plus, they also negotiate the media rates which can go up to 80% rather than placing any fixed amount, unlike other ad agencies. They tend to learn about your requirements and will accordingly set a budget for the brands so that they can earn the best ROI.

Better Placement for your ads: Be its newspaper ads, TV ads, magazine ads, Bookadsnow will make sure that you get the best spot or the spot you have demanded your ads to release. Since they are present in the industry for over 30 years, they know the tips and tricks that will make sure that your ads are released as per the spot that you have demanded on the newspaper, magazine, TV or radio.

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