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Book Advertisement through Top Newspaper Ad Agency in Kolkata

Oct 31, 2019 | Newspaper
newspaper advertising agency in Kolkata

Newspaper Advertisement is a key activity that every business must partake in, for promoting their goods and services. As technology continues to modernize how information is accessed, advertisers are often faced with the constant challenge of how to best reach and engage customers. With a plethora of options available for publishing your ad, newspaper advertisements still hold a critical place in all marketing strategies, providing a number of significant benefits to the upliftment of the brand. Revolutionizing the way newspaper advertisements are tailor-made for the brands, booking media spots online is a faster way to go about for an ideal brand elevation.



Ad rates for booking newspaper classified ads depend on numerous factors like:

  • circulation of the newspaper,
  • readership profile and target audience
  • type of ad(obituary ads, matrimonial ads, notice ads, and so on)
  • placement of the newspaper ad
  • day of publishing, page, and section of the newspaper

Anandabazar Patrika Advertisement, for instance, is not a one-time deal, and hence it calls for a lot of planning, strategizing and action.

The City of Joy: Kolkata, is known for its versatility, creativity, and culture. The newspaper ads in Kolkata require them to be witty, intellectual and crisp. To cater to such an eloquent reader base, the newspaper advertising agency in Kolkata need to be credible, transparent and competitive. This is where the expertise of Bookadsnow comes in, which has been the leading newspaper advertising agency in Kolkata, for over 3 decades.

Bookadsnow has been accredited by Indian Newspaper Society (INS) for its commendable contribution to the media industry. Enjoying well-established relations with media houses, booking newspaper ads at the most competitive rates becomes handy at their disposal. With distinct budget options, has reliable resources which simply customizes the ad and publishes it on the page/day/newspaper of your choice.

Why is Bookadsnow the best agency in Kolkata?

  • No Fix Rate Policy: Different advertisers have different requirements while publishing their classified newspaper ad. Bookadsnow takes care of this and quotes ad rate, after taking into account all the specifications. Since the ad rates depend on multiple factors (mentioned above), this leading newspaper ad agency protects you from the fixed rate scam.
  • Operating as a leading newspaper advertising agencies for decades, it enjoys a historic media-planning experience which provides them an upper hand in getting Anandabazar Patrika newspaper ad printed, for instance, at the most justified rate on the preferred day and newspaper.
  • First-time advertisers can simply relax as Bookadsnow draws out best campaigns with their formidable networks and creates analysis reports simultaneously.
  • The online booking process helps you to book ad spots conveniently from the comfort of your house.

Booking ads can be as easy as shelling peas. Check out the simple process at Bookadsnow and get featured:

  1. Choose the newspaper, select the date, location, and ad type of the advertisement (Types: Newspaper Classified Text, Classified Display or Display Ads)
  2. Upload the content online or if there is any problem, submit your contact details along with the query.
  3. The design team in-house efficiently designs the layout and template of your ad as per your requirement and budget.
  4. The media team takes you through the entire process of planning and analyzing the campaign that will be featured in your preferred newspaper.
  5. On the payment gateway page, select your preferred mode of payment. The online gateways are secured and convenient, but there is also an option for offline payment.

 Bookadsnow is, in fact, a trusted partner of various publishing houses like Times of India, Hindustan Times, and Anandabazar Patrika among other eminent newspapers. First-time advertisers, if you are feeling the dancing butterflies in your bellies, fret not! Just rely on Bookadsnow the top newspaper advertising agency in Kolkata and enjoy life!

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