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Zee 24 Ghanta Advertisement Booking Online with Bookadsnow

24 Ghanta News is a 24*7 Bengali News Channel launched in the year 2006 by Zee Entertainment Enterprises. The channel provides unbiased political information backed by touching upon other genres like sports, entertainment, etc. Hailed as one of the top 5 Bengali news channels, releasing an ad in Kolkata 24 Ghanta will create a stronger and long-lasting impact on your target audience. Tap on Bookadsnow to release ads in this channel to boost your brand recognition.

Language: Bengali

Genre: News & Current Affairs

Viewership: 77158

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  • Why Advertise in 24 Ghanta News Channel?
  • Additional Information

Here are the reasons that justify advertising on 24 Ghanta News channel by any brand and business in the industry.

Unmatched Viewership Market Share

24 Ghanta holds a viewership share of 25% among the top 5 Bangla news channels popular in West Bengal. It enjoys 19751000 viewership (approx) every week.

Outstanding Impression Number

As per the weekly report of BARC, on week 14 of 2020, 24 Ghanta secured the second position among top 5 Bangla news channels with 77158000 impressions.

Outstanding Reach

On 24th March 2020, 24 Ghanta News channel experienced a massive reach of 3.2 crores viewers among all the Bangla news channels.

Favourable for B2B & B2C Sectors

Releasing ad in 24 Ghanta is preferred by the B2B and B2C sectors of the industry due to their audience profile and the extensive reach in the industry.


What are the Different Types of TV Ads You can Release on 24 Ghanta?

  1. Aston Band- These are flash ads appearing at the bottom of the screen.
  2. L Band- Unique in itself, these are L shaped ads appearing on TV while the content is being played.
  3. Associate Sponsorship- Associate sponsorship ads are played when brands tie-up with the broadcaster of a particular channel to appear on that channel. This way brands can reach their target audience without spending an exorbitant amount.
  4. TV Ad Breaks- These are the ads that we normally see during the Ad break slots of a particular programme.

What are the Media Essentials Required to Book 24 Ghanta Advertisement?

  • Ad Creative & the Format- To get your ad released on 24 Ghanta, submit your content in an appropriate file format.
  • Booking Deadline- Remember the last date for booking your ad to get your ad released on time.
  • Payment process- Opt for a suitable payment plan and complete the payment process to get your ad released on time.

Why Choose Bookdsnow to Release Ad on 24 Ghanta?


At Bookadsnow, we make sure to attend each of our client's queries individually, thereby producing the desired result for them. Being an online television ad booking platform, we have simplified the process of booking an ad within a few simple and quick steps. With over 30+ years of experience in the media, we have learnt the tricks that help us to meet the requirements of our clients within the best rate in the market. Choose bookadsnow to receive the following services and benefits:


  • Competitive Market Rates- We guarantee to provide you with the best 24 Ghanta News advertisement rates in the market.  
  • AAAI Membership- We have also received the prestigious membership of AAAI that grants us with various advantages in the media sphere.
  • Prime Time Ad Booking of Prime Slots- Book ads on 24 Ghanta in the prime time ad slots to increase your brand reach to your customers.
  • Live TV Ad Monitoring Facility- Our in-house media experts will keep a live track and provide you with real-time information about the frequency of your ad in a particular slot.
  • End to End Media Solution- We will provide you with end to end media solutions, thereby guiding to release ads through us with ease.
  • Overall Evaluation & Proof of Execution- Once your ad gets released, we will present you with a report displaying the result of your advertisement that will help you to evaluate your performance. You’ll also get a detailed proof of execution.
  • Online Partner for All Top News Channels- Bookadsnow has partnered with the top news channels in the nation, thereby assisting you to release an ad on your preferred channel within your budget.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
Can you provide me with details regarding the price structure?

 The price for booking newspaper advertising / magazine advertising / television advertising channel of your choice depends upon: 

  • Preferences and choice of media 
  • Size of the ad 
  • Placement of the ad in the newspaper/magazine
  • Time bands 
  • Availability of the ad positions/spots and
  • The number of times you wish your ad to appear 

Based on your requirement we shall provide you with the best quote in the quickest possible turnaround time. Book advertisement Now!!

Will I get enough coverage if my TV ad is shown only in homes with cable connection?

As per industry estimates, most of the Indian households have access to cable TV.  Your ad on cable television will get visibility in homes that have a subscription to cable TV. The reach of your Television advertising will also be dependent on the channel you choose to advertise in. To learn more, please get in touch with our media experts on +919830400021 Book Ads in Top Television Advertising Agency in India.

What happens if my TV ad is not played during the scheduled spot?

We have an in-house 24X7 TV ad monitoring setup to make sure your ad is played during the scheduled spot. If the case is not so, we will ask for a make-good date from you and compensate by playing the ad at the same time slot, on a different day within the campaign duration. 

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