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Odisha TV Advertisement Booking Online with Bookadsnow

Pioneered as the first private electronic media in the state of Odisha, OTV or Odisha TV is the flagship channel of the Odisha Television Network. It was launched in 1988 and changed from a cable to a satellite channel in December 2006. Over this period, the Odisha TV news channel rose as a favourite among the people of Odisha and still continues to grow due to its objective and unbiased reporting.

Language: Odiya, Oriya

Genre: General Entertainment, News & Current Affairs, News & Music, News

Viewership: 84445 Weekly

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  • Why Advertise in Odisha TV?
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Targets a variety of audiences

Odisha TV is primarily a news channel but has also grown to include programmes related to art, tourism, food and so on. Hence, an Odisha TV advertisement reaches out to diverse segments of the population based on these programmes.

Wide Reach of medium

While initially launched in the twin cities of Bhubaneshwar and Cuttack, the Odisha TV channel slowly found its way into the major towns of the state. Hence, it now offers an extensive reach for advertisers looking for a way to tap specific audiences.

Better Results for advertisers

If one is inclined to targeting the Southern regions of the country, there’s no better way than by releasing an Odisha TV advertisement. With roughly 84445 impressions during week 14, it proves to be a great medium for your advertising needs.

Different types of TV ads you can release in Odisha TV:

  1. Aston Bands- A 10-second advertising strip displayed during a programme at the bottom of the screen
  2. L Bands- An ad where the TV content is pushed back into an L-shaped frame during a programme
  3. Show Sponsorships- A short ad that displays the sponsor of the programme
  4. TV Ad Break- An ad that runs during a break that occupies the entire screen

Media essentials required to make a booking:

  • Format for ad creative- Choose the right file format while submitting content
  • Booking deadline- Follow the set deadlines while booking your ad
  • Payment process- Use our easy payment plans for booking various ads

Why book Odisha TV Ads through Bookadsnow?


Releasing an ad in the Odisha TV news channel becomes easier than ever with Bookadsnow. Its long-standing presence of 30+ years has made it a favourite among advertisers because it provides the best ad rates when compared to the market. Here are several benefits of choosing Bookadsnow:


  • Best price for TV ad spots guaranteed
  • Prime Time Ad Booking of Ad Slots
  • Expert Media Planning Solutions for Maximum Reach
  • Online Partner for all top News Channels
  • End to End Assistance in booking Aston bands, L bands & TVC in ad breaks
  • Presence of the prestigious AAAI Membership
  • Monitoring to ensure duplication of ad spots in the same ad break
  • Media Planning with month-wise data projecting trends in viewership
  • Live TV Ad monitoring facility


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
How do I know when my ad will play on TV or if it is at all being played on TV?

We have an in-house 24X7 TV ad monitoring setup which tracks the playout schedule of your ads in real-time. We have a dedicated team that verifies and records all your ad spots during playout. We provide you with detailed, daily reports of the same, at your doorstep. We also provide you with telecast certificates as issued by the channel. 

What happens if my TV ad is not played during the scheduled spot?

We have an in-house 24X7 TV ad monitoring setup to make sure your ad is played during the scheduled spot. If the case is not so, we will ask for a make-good date from you and compensate by playing the ad at the same time slot, on a different day within the campaign duration. 

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