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ABP Ananda Advertisement Booking Online with Bookadsnow

Launched in 2005 as Star Ananda and re-promising as ABP Ananda or Anandabazar Patrika, Ananda is a 24 hours top Bengali news channel. Based in Kolkata and owned by ABP Group, the channel works with a broad bureau network bringing intense reports along with advanced production accessibility. Book ABP Ananda advertisement through Bookadsnow to reach your relevant audience across the nation along with boosting your brand recognition.

Language: Bengali

Genre: News & Current Affairs

Viewership: 132176 Weekly

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  • Why Advertise in ABP Ananda Bangla News?
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Here are the reasons that justify advertising on ABP Ananda Bangla news by any brand and business in the industry.

Huge Viewership Share in the Market

ABP Ananda enjoys a viewership share of 33% among the top 5 Bangla news channels.

Excellent Impression

As per the weekly report of BARC, in week 14 of 2020, ABP Anada Bangla News channel has secured the top position among top 5 Bangla news channels with 132176000 impressions in West Bengal.

Excellent Reach

On 24th March 2020, ABP Ananda experienced a massive reach of 3.9 crores viewers among all the Bangal channels.

Suitable for B2B & B2C Sectors

ABP Ananda advertisement mainly released by the B2B and B2C sectors of the industry, given their audience profile and the massive reach in the industry.

What are the Different Types of TV Ads You can Release on ABP Ananda?

  1. Aston Band- Flash ad played at the bottom of the screen.
  2. L Band- L shaped ads played on TV while the content is being played.
  3. Associate Sponsorship- This type is defined by a tie-up between the brands and the broadcaster of the channel, enabling businesses (especially the small scale ones) to appear on a channel, thereby reaching their target audience with ease.
  4. TV Ad Breaks- These are the TV ads that appear during Ad break slots of a particular programme.

What are the Media Essentials Required to Book ABP Ananda Advertisement?

  • Ad Creative & the Format- Involves the submission of your content in an appropriate file format.
  • Booking Deadline- Keep a track of the booking so that you can book an ad within the stipulated time.
  • Payment process- Opt for a payment plan and proceed with the payment process to complete the final formalities.

Why Choose Bookdsnow to Release Ad on ABP Ananda?

Bookadsnow was established with the sole purpose to break the stereotype catering to the booking of ads across various traditional platforms. Our long term experience in the industry has taught us the tricks that help us to meet the requirements of our customers within their budget. Being an online platform for booking television ads, we have simplified the process in just 3 steps which can be wrapped up from anywhere around the world. Choose bookadsnow to receive the following services and benefits.


  • Competitive Market Rates- We assure you to provide you with the best ABP Ananda advertisement rates in the market.  

  • AAAI Membership- We are the members of the prestigious AAAI body that grants us with various advantages beneficial for our clients.

  • Prime Time Ad Booking of Prime Slots- Book ABP Ananda advertisement in the prime time ad slots, thereby increasing your brand reach to your customers.

  • Live TV Ad Monitoring Facility- Get access to real-time information about your ad. Our in-house experts will keep a live track of how many times your ad gets played.

  • End to End Media Solution- We will provide you with end to end media solutions- from helping you with choosing the right platform for your advertisement to suggesting you the type of ad you should release.

  • Overall Evaluation & Proof of Execution- Once your ad gets released, we will provide you with a report showing the result, thereby helping you to incorporate changes in the future. We will also provide you with detailed proof of execution.
  • Online Partner for All Top News Channels- Bookadsnow has partnered with the top news channels in the nation, thereby helping you to release an ad in your preferred channel within your budget.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
Can I change the way my TV ad spots are scheduled?

Bookadsnow recommends your schedule after considering factors like spot availability and the best way to play the spots. Please let our media expert know your specific requirement on +919830400021 and we will try our best to meet it. Book Ads in Top Television Advertising Agency in India.

How do I know that my TV ad campaign is live?

Our media expert will be in touch with you from start to finish of your Television Advertising campaign.  He will provide you with assistance till your campaign is live and will update you as and when it starts being played. 

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