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Benefits of Releasing Advertisement in Star plus TV

Jan 23, 2019 | Newspaper
star plus advertisement

Ever since the television first started playing in our living room, Television advertising has been one of the most popular and promising means of advertising to capture the attention of a mass audience. India has the second largest Television audience in the world, which makes advertising in the intervals of the highest rated TRP shows, a strategic plan to make a lasting impression in the minds of the viewers.

Why opt for a Star Plus advertisement?

One of the most popular entertainment channels in Hindi, Star Plus is owned by the eminent media entertainment group, Star India Network. It is also a part of 21st Century Fox Star India network. With its blitz marketing and promotional strategies along with innovative fictional and non-fictional series, the channel soon became the number one 'General Entertainment Channel’ (GEC).

These above-mentioned accolades are a reason in itself as to why you should consider releasing a Star Plus advertisement.

However, there are other numerous benefits to choose Star Plus for producing commercials and helping your brand capture a higher market share by reaching out to multitudes of people. They are as follows:

Unbeatable Scale and Reach

A TV Advertisement can actually reach 80% of the viewers across the nation instantly. Star Plus, being the number 1 channel broadcasts different types of programs such as family dramas, comedies, youth-oriented content, reality shows and shows on crime and telefilms catering to all age groups, which has resulted in a whooping viewership of 720 million across the nation. With the same Ad playing repetitively, affects the audience psychologically in order to memorize it so well that they either recommend it to someone or buy the product inevitably.

Strong Impact

Since Television Ads are so eye-catchy and attractive, they can instantly have a strong impact on the minds of the viewers. People learn about new things and products largely through television advertising. Hence, compared to other mediums of communication, the impact of these Ads tend to be more powerful and long-lasting. Star Plus has a history of featuring some of the best TV Ad campaigns which have created brand awareness with a significant market share.

Better ROI

With Star Plus advertisement, Advertisers can be ensured of a better Return of Investment (ROI) due to the channel's credibility. The popularity and trust gained by advertisements played on Star Plus are immense to the point that the engagement ratio for brands increases by multiple folds. Television advertising is an effective medium that helps the brand earn huge conversions, loyal customers, and profits. Countless prominent brands have already gained enormous success in generating revenue by releasing Star plus Ads.

Costs can be traded and discounted

Star Plus advertisements can be broken into two main costs – creative, which is the cost of the making of the advert and media which is the cost of placing the Ad depending on the preferred time slots.

There are various factors that determine the cost of Star Plus ads like:

  • Seasonality - costs differ by month (summer tends to be cheaper)
  • Demand for a specific time band - If there is high viewership during your timeband like the primetime hours then the cost of your Star Plus advertisement will be much higher and advertisers pay more.
  • Creative Time Length - 10-15 seconds is an industry standard, but if the length of the advert is shorter or longer than that, costs vary accordingly.
  • Time of day – this is classified further into Prime-time and non-prime time. Certain day parts are more expensive than others (i.e. early evening peak) as this is when most Indian viewers tune in.

Where to book a Star plus advertisement?

The answer is quite simple and most of the advertisers are well aware of the online media planning portal based out of Kolkata, Bookadsnow. With an experience of over 3 decades, they share strong business connections with local and national media houses. Bookadsnow successfully fulfills the requirements of its clients while strategizing an effective media campaign at the most justified rates

The perks of booking TV slots for Star Plus advertisement with Bookadsnow are as follows:

  • Competitive market rates: They provide you with legitimate quotes available in the market.
  • Complete Transparency with the Media buying: While most media planning portals increase their rate and then lower it by fake discounts, Bookadsnow has maintained their transparency for decades. They are capable of negotiating media rates basis your requirement due to which they don't display card rates online.
  • End to End Media consultancy: The dedicated in-house media team are always there to guide you through your media plan from start to finish.
  • Overall Evaluation and Proof of Execution: Bookadsnow provides advertisers with a report displaying the result of the advertisement and a detailed analysis which helps you get a clear understanding of the impact your television advertising campaign has had on the audience.

To book TV slots for a Star Plus advertisement with Bookadnow, get in touch @ 9830400021 or drop them a mail at

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