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We do not display any rates as media rates are negotiable. Please get in touch with our media expert for best rates.

Zee TV

147000 (000)

Zee News

92000 (000)

Star Gold Tv


Sony Max

179000 (000)

Sony Max 2


ABP Ananda

15000 (000)

Star Sports 3

63000 (000)


54000 (000)


110000 (000)

Why advertise in Television?


One of the advantages of TV advertising is that it helps you communicate with a large audience.

Demographic Targeting

The vast array of programming options and channels act as an important element of television advertising. There is something for every age, demographic structure and interest.

Strong Impact

Unlike other mediums of communication, television has greater longevity and power. People learn about new products largely by television advertising. Upon using the right spot, a TV campaign reaches your target audience, creates awareness and grabs the market share.

The ability to differentiate

Depending upon your target audiences’ location, you can choose specific time frames, selected zip-codes, countries and market segments for airing ads in television.

Multi-Sensory Appeal

TV network offers a combination of text, images, sound and motion which appeal the human senses. Effective Television advertising provides a 360 degree communication to your brand and its attributes.

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The challenge today is to simplify. Lookad India has shown excellence at simplifying Advertising, Brand positioning Media Buying for its clients over the years and in the process gaining the trust of its clients and media houses through constant solution generation approach and sheer passion.

Different ad spots have different rates.

Most often you pay a premium for prime spots while your ad is not aired in those spots. Hence you do not get the maximum ROI. makes sure you get what you pay for.

We get you the prime spots for your ad and not only that - we provide you a detailed daily report of all your ads that were aired during the day.

Also, not all media agencies will tell that it’s not the costs, but the spots that matter.

It’s about choosing the right ad spots with the right time interval and making sure your ad gets the maximum viewership.

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