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Why Dainik Jagran Ads Will Reach the Maximum Number of People?

Jan 23, 2019 | Newspaper
dainik jagran advertisement

When you think of newspapers there are two predominant associations which come to mind; the news itself and different types of advertisements. Many are fed up with the large advertisements in the newspaper, often times seemingly given more space than the news itself. As a consumer and buyer of the newspaper, one may question the need for advertisements at all. The cheap rates at which newspapers are made available are because the advertisements make it so.

Advertisements in newspapers are a great way for you to publicize your business, product or service. Newspaper ads are used by bank and government authorities to communicate to the public. Booking newspaper ads are a definite method for you to reach your audience. Newspapers with large circulations and readerships are the best ones to publish your ad in as they have a large audience or reach.

Advertise in Dainik Jagran

Dainik Jagran Advertisement will reach a huge number of people as it is one of the highest read newspapers in India. Here’s why Dainik Jagran is a trusted newspaper of the country. Founded in Jhansi in 1942, Dainik Jagran was a witness to the ‘Quit India Movement’ and helped spread the word in those days. Its founder, Sri Puran Chandra Gupta, set out with an aim to give a ‘free voice’ to the people of India. Dainik Jagran is the premiere imprint of Jagran Prakashan Ltd (JPL).  It has grown to have a 5.59 cr readership which has been a consistent number for 21 consecutive round of the Indian Readership Survey.

Here’s why Dainik Jagran should be your choice to book newspaper ads:

  • Largest circulation - As India’s paper with the largest circulation and therefore also readership, booking a Dainik Jagran advertisement ensures that your ad gets seen.
  • Supplements - Dainik Jagran has a large number of newspaper supplements catering to the wants and needs of the people. Such a variety of supplements allow your ad to reach the right audience and to have the optimum effects. The various supplements have been listed below.
  1. Jhankar
  2. Yatra (a travel-based supplement)
  3. Nai Raahein (A jobseeker’s platform)
  4. Nayika (a supplement directed towards women)
  5. Josh (a supplement directed towards the youth)
  6. Tarang (about lifestyle and films)
  7. Sanguni (a supplement meant for women),
  8. Glamour Duniya (a supplement concerning Bollywood gossip and Page 3 content)
  9. Jagran Khet Khalihaan (a monthly tabloid about Agriculture).
  • Ad Options - As the advertiser, you will be looking to make your ad as noticeable and unique as possible. A Dainik Jagran advertisement will give you a variety of formats and options to choose from.

It’s true that choosing the newspaper to publish your ad in is a hard choice for newcomers, but it is even harder to choose the right agency to book newspaper ad. Given a choice to book my ad through a particular agency, I would vote for Bookadsnow. Whether it's to book newspaper ads or magazine ads Bookadsnow has the knowledge and professional know-how to get the best prices and position for their customers.

Publish Ads in Dainik Jagran through Bookadsnow

Bookadsnow has had thirty years in the industry to build their knowledge and contacts. As newspaper advertising rates are negotiable, Bookadsnow’s long years in the industry allow them to negotiate the rate on behalf of their clients. They have built strong ties with the many media houses in every field - be it print or broadcast. These links also aid the agents of Bookadsnow to get you the best position and section for placing your ad. With their in-house media experts and INS (Indian Newspaper Society) Accreditation; their quality of work is indisputable. Their pledge to transparency ensures that you will be able to understand each step of the process thus ensuring that you get the best professional care that can be afforded. If you are looking to book a Dainik Jagran Advertisement, Bookadsnow is the best agency for you.

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