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Benefits of Releasing Advertisement in Dainik Jagran

Jan 23, 2019 | Newspaper
dainik jagran advertisement

Why do you think advertisers think of publishing Dainik Jagran advertisement among all the renowned publications of the nation? Let us discuss the legit reasons in this blog.

However, before the reasons come into the scenario, let us learn a bit about Dainik Jagran as a Hindi publication.

Owned by Jagran Prakashan Ltd (JPL) which happens to be India's leading media and communication group, Dainik Jagran is a pre-eminent brand of the company. It is not an easy task to stand out in the media world where the individuals have an array of options to choose from some of the leading publications. With its birth in 1942 in Jhansi, Dainik Jagran was the main theatre which portrayed the freedom struggle of India, thereby finding an expression in "Quit India movement". Founded by Shri Puran Chandra Gupta with the aim to "create a newspaper that reflects the free voice of the people", Dainik Jagran has earned 5.59 cr readership which has been consistent for a consecutive 21 rounds of Indian Readership Survey (IRS).

It is, in fact, considered to be a vital source of information catering to disciplinaries like sports, politics, global news, fashion, entertainment, etc. owing to its exquisite journalism skill. Given the popularity, brands and individuals find it imperative to book Dainik Jagran advertisement for achieving positive results.

Hence, booking Dainik Jagran ads is a wise decision for gaining maximum views and quick result from a newspaper advertisement. With that being said, familiarize yourself with the reasons that drive advertisers to book advertisement in this publication, as promised at the beginning of the blog.

Tap on the Benefits of Releasing Newspaper Ads in Dainik Jagran

Unmatched Circulation: Let us just say the circulation of this publication goes beyond the realistic expectation. With 37 editions across 11 states, Dainik Jagran experiences a circulation of 3,632,383 copies per day. Hence, owing to such a vastness as an organization, it is impossible for the individual advertisers or the brands to overlook Dainik Jagran advertisement if they are seeking to gain positive results out of their newspaper advertisement.

Uncountable Ad Options: You as an advertiser can book advertisement in Dainik Jagran catering to various subjects like matrimonial Ad, obituary Ad, notice Ad, property Ad, etc. without bothering about the cost involved in the same.

Newspaper Supplements: Sometimes the essence of a particular newspaper Ad might get lost in the main issue of the newspaper. Just then the supplements come into the scenario as a savior of multiple brands and individuals whose Ads get viewed by the filtered readers of these supplements. They can release Ads in supplements which will align best with their Ad type to gain maximum views.

Dainik Jagran is accompanied by supplements like:

  • Jhankar and Tarang- every Sunday
  • Yatra- about travel, every last Sunday of the month
  • Nai Raahein- for appointments, every Tuesday
  • Nayika- for women, every Wednesday
  • Josh- for the youth, every Wednesday
  • Tarang- about lifestyle and films, every Thursday
  • Sanguni- for women, every Saturday
  • Glamour Duniya- about lifestyles and films, every Saturday
  • Jagran Khet Khalihaan- a monthly tabloid about agriculture.

With the above-outlined points, we can claim that Dainik Jagran advertisements take a prominent place in the world of the advertisers for gaining best results from a newspaper Ad.

However, are you aware of the benefits of a newspaper Ad agency?

A newspaper Ad agency is ‘the secret path’ to a successful newspaper advertisement which most of the advertisers tend to overlook. They tend to guide the individuals and brands in the journey of booking newspaper Ads thereby shooting up the results of an advertisement.

However, the market is precisely brimming with such Ad agencies. Therefore, which one to go for should be your next question, right?

Familiarize yourself with Bookadsnow- a name which has been ruling the media industry for over 3 decades.

What is so unique about Bookadsnow not found in other agencies?

Bookadsnow is not just a mere newspaper ad booking agency. It is an online media planning portal with the much-required INS (Indian Newspaper Society) accreditation of, which adds to the credibility of the organization.

Bookadsnow has given a whole new meaning to booking newspaper advertisement which is best for brands and individuals in today's world who are always short of time.

Advertisers can book advertisement in various publications online through Bookadsnow which can be wrapped up in a matter of few minutes. Moreover, we do not have any predefined card rates for newspaper Ads. We personally negotiate with the publications on behalf of our clients and provide them with the best Ad booking rates in the industry. This is precisely yet another reason that makes us a unique organization in the market.

Due to our skilled and well-experienced in-house media planners who have successfully delivered great work in the past, we have been able to maintain a long-standing relationship with various brands and media houses. Our expert in-house media planning team tirelessly guide the clients through the Ad booking process and seek to provide them with the best Ad position on a specific page of a publication. We also have an Ad creative team who will provide you with the best creative options for a successful Ad in the newspaper. Moreover, once your Ad gets published, Bookadsnow will provide the clients with a hard copy of the newspaper as a proof of our agreement.

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