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Display Classifieds Booking in Dainik Jagran at Lowest Rates

Display Advertisement in Dainik Jagran is highly popular amongst distinct businesses who effectively want to promote and elevate their brand. Display Advertisement and Display Classified Ads Booking are the high budget advertisement that is published to captivate the attention of the viewers at large.

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Here is how Dainik Jagran Display ad has created a legacy of its own –

•    It is now available in 27 cities and towns. This includes all major cities including Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and the likes.

•    It has over 16.4 million readers per issue in India.

•    The Dainik Jagran Advertisement Rates are economic and negotiable.

•    As per BBC-Reuters, it is India’s most credible Hindi daily.


Pointers to remember before Booking Display Classified Ads in Dainik Jagran

•    Display ads in Dainik Jagran newspaper are booked in multiple columns like the full page, half page, jackets, quarter page, bookmarks and other various custom sizes.

•    All the Display Advertisement must be booked in advance for hassle-free and timely release. However, in the event of any last-minute requests, you can be assured to get a positive answer from our team at Bookadsnow.

•    Personal advertisements can also be booked in the display format in the main newspaper section of Dinamalar Newspaper.

•    Dainik Jagran Advertisement Rates depend on their size and page on which the advert is published. Display Advertisement in Dainik Jagran newspaper can occupy a quarter of a page, half a page and even full page of a newspaper and cannot be less than 4X4 centimeter.


Perks of Publishing Display Advertisement in Dainik Jagran

•    Dainik Jagran Advertisement is the high budget medium ad, but at Bookadsnow, we genuinely provide you with the best ad rates for the same with good position for maximum visibility.

•    We assist you with the right placements and correct positioning for the Display Advertisement in Dainik Jagran newspaper. With our assistance, you can book across India in multiple columns like the half page, full page, jackets, quarter page, bookmarks and various other customized sizes.

•     If you face any issue while selecting the display ad size to place the Display Advertisement in Dainik Jagran newspaper, simply drop us a query on our website and our media professionals will immediately get in touch with you.


Book display ads in Dainik Jagran at Lowest Ad rates

Today, Dainik Jagran is one of the strongest advertising platforms in India, but you can avail the best Dainik Jagran Advertisement Rates even for last minute booking with Bookadsnow.

Dainik Jagran covers a plethora of news topics including sports, business, politics, international news, entertainment, health and fitness, and lifestyle. Thus it caters to a wide range of people with varying purchasing power. Thus, the Dainik Jagran Advertisement Rates are suitable for both individual advertisers and large enterprises.


Recently Asked Questions (FAQ):
What is the minimum budget/package to advertise with Bookadsnow?

Your advertising budget depends on multiple factors. These are:

  • The nature of your brand or product and the kind of visibility it requires
  • Whether your target group is regional or national
  • Specific demographics of your target market
  • What sort of medium your target audience consumes
  • Reach of the medium of your choice

To find out more, simply submit your query to us regarding the newspaper advertising and our media expert will get back to you with the best of our plans.