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Tender Advertisement Booking in Dainik Jagran at Lowest Ad Rates

Tender Notice in Dainik Jagran is an important part of the advertisement that is directed towards the contractors or is adhered by the contractors towards the buyers. Tender Advertisement is booked to invite the vendors for procuring certain kinds of goods and services. These ads largely comprise of bids, business proposals and even company takeovers by the government bodies. The Tender Notice in Dainik Jagran are a form of public invitation where the newspaper plays the best platform to reach out to the masses.

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Tender Advertisement in Dainik Jagran offer the following benefits:

  • Tender Notice in Dainik Jagran assists you to get in touch and communicate with your target audience.

  • Tender Advertisement ensures your ad has maximum reach and serves its desired objective.

  • Tender Advertisement exhibit cost-effective options. Based on your budget and requirements, Tender Notice in Dainik Jagran can be published in Classified Display and Text Classified formats.

What are the types of Tender Notice in Dainik Jagran?

Legal Tenders: Legal Tenders are notices that talk about a certain medium of payment recognized by a renowned legal organisation or a government body to dissolve a public or private debt.

Tender offers: Tender offers are published to announce public takeover bid invitations and address all the stockholders of a particular trade organisation to tender their stock at a given time period, at a specified price.

What are the formats for booking Tender Notice in Dainik Jagran?

Based on the format, Tender Advertisement are three types:

• Dainik Jagran Classifieds Booking: Dainik Jagran Classifieds Booking are the text-based adverts. These are budget friendly in nature and are printed under specific columns of the newspaper.

• Classified Display Ads: These advertisements contain a logo and an image along with running text. These adverts grab the attention and the Dainik Jagran Advertising Rates are relatively more than Dainik Jagran Classifieds Booking.

• Display Ads: Display Ads for Tender Notice in Newspaper in comparison to the above two ads are relatively detailed in nature. Display ads are high budget advertisement created to grip the attention of the viewers at large.

Job Advertisement Booking Online in Dainik Jagran at Best Ad Rates

An initiative of Lookad India Private Limited, Bookadsnow embarks on the vision to make booking for Tender Notice in Newspaper relatively convenient and easier. With an experience of more than thirty years, Bookadsnow strives to be a leading Newspaper Advertising Agency.

Benefits of Booking Tender Advertisement with Bookadsnow

• We offer you with the best Dainik Jagran Advertising Rates for all types of Tender Advertisement.

• We can publish your advertisement in any city throughout India.

• If you face any problem while selecting the newspaper to publish the Tender Notice in Newspaper, simply drop us a query on our website ( and our media professionals will get in touch with you immediately.

To proceed with the Tender Notice in Newspaper, you will have to provide us with the following:

  • A well designed ad matter under the letterhead of the company mentioning all the valid details of the organisation.

  • Size of the advertisement.

  • Date of release.

We have specialized media experts that have the desired exeprtise in providing customized solutions to you basis your specific requirements, objective and impart cost-effective ad solutions that will make the ad booking process simplified

Recently Asked Questions (FAQ):
How do I book a tender ad in a newspaper?

Bookadsnow aims to simplify your ad booking process and offers you various ways to book advertisement. To book a tender ad in a newspaper with Bookadsnow,

  1. Please select the newspaper of your choice from the homepage,
  2. Then select Tender ads to book tender ads in the newspaper from the given list of ad types,
  3. Fill in the ad details and your contact details and submit your query.



  1. You can select ‘Tender ads’ from the given list of ad types on the homepage,
  2. Then select the newspaper of your choice,
  3. Fill in the ad details and your contact details and submit your query. 

Our media expert will get in touch with you and guide you with your ad booking according to your requirements and budget.