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Why Should You Advertise in Hindustan Times newspaper?

Mar 14, 2019 | Newspaper
hindustan times advertisement rates

To advertise in the newspaper, people often get confused with the process and end up wasting money with an ineffective newspaper advertisement which becomes failed to target the potential audience. For example, if you are planning to publish your brand ad in Hindustan Times newspaper, then you should have all the prospective knowledge about Hindustan Times. Remember if you lack any step in giving the ad, then all your effort might be futile. So, be acquainted properly with the advertisement process in the Hindustan Times newspaper.

Now, before coming to the advertisement process, a brief description of the concerned newspaper would be helpful for you to know it better. Hindustan Times is the second largest newspaper after TOI, has the circulation of over 14 lakhs and they have an average readership of over 37.7 lakhs. So, now maybe you know that why you should choose Hindustan Times for your advertisement, as to get a large number of effective audience. For Hindustan Times advertisement, you will be provided with the types of the classified text ad, classified display ad, and display ad.

Now, here comes the process of advertising in the Hindustan Times. It can be done by contacting the agency directly which can often be time-consuming. So, how about online ad booking? Have you ever thought about that? How would it be if your ad can be booked online and the rest of the process can be made ready by an ad agency? That is where you need Bookadsnow; keep reading for further details.

Bookadsnow is an online media planning portal to book all kinds of ads online; in other words, booking ads can be made by just being at home and filling up the details regarding the ad. This agency has a dynamic experience of over 30 years in publishing ads in a various platform like newspaper, television, and magazine. Bookadsnow experts will guide you from every aspect of publishing an effective advertisement in newspaper and present the best rate for the ad in front of you. They don’t provide the rates on their website, because the media experts negotiate the rates to give you the best price. You just need to go to their website and your booking will easily be done through it.

What kinds of ads can you post in Hindustan Times through Bookadsnow?

You can post all types of ads in the concerned newspaper through Bookadsnow; to be more precise, they are-

  • Education ads.
  • Obituary ads.
  • Notice ads.
  • Tender ads.
  • Matrimonial ads.
  • Display ads.
  • Appointment Ads.
  • Property Ads.
  • Financial result ads.

How can you submit a request for an ad?

  • To submit a request to book newspaper ads online, first you have to visit the website, that is Bookadsnow
  • Choose your desired newspaper on the homepage where you want your ad to release and click proceed.
  • Then select the ad type of your choice.
  • Fill up the details of your ad.
  • Lastly, you have to provide your personal details.

Once you are done with it, the media experts will surely be in touch with you to publish your ad. Payments will be done through debit card, credit card, and net banking. They also provide NEFT process for online cash transfer, demand draft, cheques and for offline mode they have the option of cash collection from home. So, payment is easy and comfortable in Bookadsnow.

The right place for your ad:-

INS accredited Bookadsnow has made it easy for you to post ads in Hindustan Times and reach your targeted audience just by being online. But your ad has to be in the right place on the newspaper to be the catchy one. Here Bookadsnow will use their experience and tactics so that your ad will be placed in the right corner to attract the readers.

How did Bookadsnow become the trustworthy agency?

Once your ad is posted in the newspaper, Bookadsnow will provide you with a hard copy of the paper to get sure about the release of the ad. It means they will assist you even after the release of your ad until you are satisfied with it. The Adrates Hindustan Times are affordable; your ads are customizable according to your budget and all. So, advertising in Hindustan Times is quite effective for your purpose.

Whenever you need to give an ad in Hindustan Times, then Bookadsnow is there to help you in posting it. You just need to reach the webpage of it, they will do the rest on behalf of you. So go to the website and request a call back to book newspaper ads online.


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