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The Benefits of setting up matrimonial ads with Hindustan Times

Feb 07, 2018 | Newspaper
hindustan times matrimonial

Newspaper ads have always been a means of providing valuable information to the masses. Information that would ordinarily be hard to come across when leading our daily lives.

An important section in any newspaper is the matrimonial section because it allows people from various walks of life to meet, interact and get to know each other better. Hindustan times matrimonial provides an elaborate platform that allows you to not only reach out to a larger database of people but also allows you cost-effective adoptions that are light on the pocket!

Given below are the benefits for booking matrimonial ads in Hindustan Times:


  1. Target Group: Need to target a specific group of people? Hindustan Times has a wide array of targeting options to choose from when running your ads.
  2. Reach: When running a matrimonial Hindustan Times advertisement, you are ensured maximum reach. This coupled with excellent targeting options allows your ad to be seen by the people you want to see it.
  3. Cost-effective options: Hindustan Times provides for pricing options specific to your budget. Depending on your requirements, target audience, reach and budget you may choose from our array of classified display formats.
  4. End to End Consultation: Have queries when it comes to buying media with Hindustan Times? Not to worry we provide assistance at every step of the way!
  5. Readymade Templates: We understand the problems that are faced by first-time bookers when booking ad placements with us. That is why we took to liberty of providing completely readymade templates for easy use.
  6. Fast booking: We have elements in place to cater to even the most immediate needs, so if you have a last-minute ad to run we are here to help!
  7. Experts, at your service: When advertising with us you are guaranteed to get maximum response from our in-house experts working around the clock to find your ideal mix and desired match.

Bookadsnow is a 33-year-old veteran at ad booking with Hindustan Times and is INS (Indian Newspaper Society) accredited. With Bookadsnow you can book a matrimonial Hindustan Times Advertisement easily. With a team of experienced media professionals available in the house, we are able to guide you along a path of matrimonial success.

Matrimonial ads booking in Hindustan Times is a name of one particular type:


  • Classified Display Ads: This ad format contains the image of the respective bride or groom along with their name and contact information. This type of Newspaper format is ideal for grabbing the attention of your target audience. This option is ideal when looking for cost-effective Hindustan Times advertising rates.

To book a matrimonial advertisement for Hindustan Times with us you may follow the process given below:

  1. Select format: Based on your requirements select an ideal category for your ad to be displayed which include: Classified Text and Classified Display.
  2. Target Audience: Now consolidate your audience demographic which includes the reach of the ad and the specific groups of people that you wish to target.
  3. Composition: You may choose from our array of templates or create the ad yourself. You may also choose to use any of our available enhancements if necessary.
  4. Payment: With our secure payment options you now have the opportunity of paying for any ad bookings online via our very own secure payment gateway.
  5. Release Date: Finally fix a release date and the duration of your ad and finalize the send out.

Keep in mind that we believe in constant support and guidance so if you ever have any queries when booking a matrimonial ad with Hindustan Times let us know.


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