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Release Advertisement in Hindustan Times with Bookadsnow

Jan 23, 2019 | Newspaper
hindustan times advertisement

Hindustan Times is an Indian English Language newspaper owned by Mr. K.K. Birla. It is one of the largest newspapers in India, by circulation which is produced by an editorial team known for its quality, innovation, and integrity. Hindustan Times covers information catering to various themes like politics, global news, entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, economic analysis and so on. This English daily is the choice of nearly 3.7 million readers across India with of circulation of 9,93,645 copies daily. Furthermore, the Indian Readership Survey in 2014 revealed that HT is the second most widely read English newspaper in India after the Times of India.  It is popular in North India in the cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Lucknow, Patna, Ranchi, and Chandigarh.

Hence, considering its widespread reach and popularity, it is one of the desirable preferences for the brands and individuals to release their ads. Hence, in this blog, we will highlight the perks that come with booking Hindustan Times advertisement and how the same be done through a renowned platform like Bookadsnow.

Types of Ads and Ad Formats in Hindustan Times:

Hindustan Times offers the advertisers to release a variety of ads. These Ads types broadly include:

Apart from that, these Ads can be released in different formats namely the Classified Ad, Classified Display Ad and Display Ad

Classified Text Ad- It is the simplest format which precisely consists of run-on-lines without the presence of any images.

Classified Display Ad- Display Classified Ads are a modern form of newspaper advertisement which has been in vogue in recent times. They are more elaborate and detailed than text ads and their content is not limited to text only. this form includes images and little text which are gripping in itself. Rates for Classified Display Ads are calculated per square centimeter. They have both black and white and color options.

Display Ad- Display Ads are elaborate and carefully designed. Brands use Display ads for the promotion of their products or services. Such ads are innovative and are designed using high-resolution colored or black and white images. They can be of various sizes, ranging from the quarter page, half page, and full page. They are charged per square centimeter.

Why should you book Hindustan Times Advertisements through Bookadsnow?

Bookadsnow is an online media planning portal by Lookad India Pvt. Ltd the leading newspaper advertising agency that simplifies the process of book newspaper ad in publications. Our experience in the media industry over the past 3 decades has helped us earn an INS (Indian Newspaper Society). Since then we have been maintaining a long-standing relationship with most of the publications in the nation at local and national level.

Additionally, our trained media experts are well equipped to answer all the queries of the client. We do not display any fixed newspaper advertising rates on our website as our experts personally negotiate the Ad rates for the clients keeping in mind their newspaper Ad requisites. We also have readymade templates that allow us to cater to the need of the clients, even at the eleventh hour. Furthermore, after the advertisement is released, we continue to maintain ties with our clients by we providing them with a hard copy of the newspaper as a proof of our work.

How to book Hindustan Times Advertisements online with Bookadsnow?

With Bookadsnow, you can book Ads in Hindustan Times in a few simple steps which can be wrapped up in a matter of few minutes.

The Process

Step 1: Click on an Ad type of your choice from the given list of Ad types on our Homepage.

Step 2: Select Hindustan Times as the preferred newspaper.

Step 3: Select a particular Ad format between Classified Ad, Classified Display Ad and Display Ad that will align best with your Ad type.

Step 4: You'll come across an online form.

  • Start by defining the location for publishing your Ad (one or more city).
  • Determine the size of your newspaper Ad.
  • Next, upload the creative or the content of your Ad and also mention the date of release. If you are new to Ad booking, Bookadsnow has a set of readymade templates for every Ad type that will make your Ad booking process simpler.
  • Lastly, provide your personal details along with a comment (if needed) to define your conditions followed by submitting your query/form.

Once you are done with the process of book newspaper ad, our in-house media team will contact you and guide you with other details of your Ad along with setting up an appropriate budget for the same.

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