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Benefits of Booking Hindustan Times Advertisement with Bookadsnow

May 17, 2019 | Newspaper
hindustan times advertisement

English daily with its roots in the Indian Independence Movement, Hindustan Times was founded in 1924. One of the largest circulated newspapers in India according to the Audit Bureau of Circulations; booking Hindustan Times Advertisement is every advertiser's paradise who is interested to reach out to a huge audience. With an average readership of over 40 lacks, it enjoys strong brand recognition among readers and publishers. One of the most trusted brands, the extensive reach of this esteemed newspaper maximizes the chance of reaching the target market faster and accurately.

Benefits of Hindustan Times Advertisement:

For all we know, all great things come at a price, but the situation is slightly different in case of Hindustan Times. As compared to the eminence of this newspaper, the rate for booking newspaper ads in HT is way too genuine and humble. Since they reach out to highly targeted readers, booking Hindustan Times newspaper ads is the most profitable investment as it negates competition and increases visibility. With a Circulation of over 1.5 million per day, booking Hindustan Times advertisements is quite economical and profitable for all prospective advertisers. Newspaper advertisements exhibit a variety of ad types like Hindustan Times obituary ads, HT matrimonial ads, Public Notice ads, Tender Ads and so on.

Bookadsnow a leading newspaper advertising agency for over 3 decades makes the online process of booking HT newspaper ads easier. Visiting media houses and standing in queues just to book Hindustan Times display advertisement is a distant memory, and is about time we preserve these events as historic moments. Bookadsnow, one of the few leading newspaper advertising agencies to have been accredited by Indian Newspaper Society (INS) also has an online address which simplifies the process of selecting, buying and evaluating media campaigns.


Advantages of booking display and classified ads in Hindustan Times online with Bookadsnow are:

  • Smart Media Publishing: Fast, flexible, and transparent trade are the key benefits of online publishing of Hindustan Times advertisement. Also, there are a very few leading agencies like Bookadsnow which provide the convenience of guiding and analyzing the entire media performance and allows you to know how the ad would look before they are published.
  • Rate Transparency and Media Expert Assistance: Having a custom-built ad being published in the comfort of your own home is now a reality. First-time advertisers can simply sit and relax as leading online portals like draws out best media plans with their formidable networks and creates analysis reports simultaneously. Hindustan Times advertisement rates require transparency and negotiations which becomes a cakewalk if the same is conducted by a premium newspaper advertising agency like It enjoys a historic media-planning experience and well-established contacts with media houses.
  • Profitable and exclusive booking rates for different ads: Bookadsnow is one of the very few Hindustan Times advertisement agencies to have been accredited by Indian Newspaper Society (INS) and the ones who prevent you from the fix-rate scam. As different folks have different strokes, the media experts at Bookadsnow comprehends your requirement and goals for advertisement and schemes out the best media strategies and justified rates for the same.

Due to a long-standing relationship with industry pioneers, booking newspaper advertising for prime spots in leading newspapers is convenient for Bookadsnow. It is, in fact, a trusted partner of various publishing houses including Hindustan Times. First-time advertisers, if you are feeling the dancing butterflies in your bellies, fret not! Just rely on Bookadsnow and enjoy life! Book advertisement now!!

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