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Times of India Classified Ads Booking Online at the Lowest Rates

Feb 22, 2019 | Newspaper
times of india classifieds

A foundation of greatness that started in 1838, the Times of India has since then become one of the most loved and followed newspapers available in India today! With a loyal database of over 8 million people, the Times of India can be the defining factor and medium for your campaigns with excellent ad rates for Times of India classifieds and help you reach millions of people that not only view your ad but also ideally interact with these ads for the maximum results. For the best insight on trending topics such as politics, entertainment, politics, the throes of business and even updates on government policy, the Times of India is your newspaper of choice. Many people opt for the database that the Times of India provides for a number of campaigns ranging from matrimonial ads, corporate advertisements (both product and service based), public tender notices, and obituary ads in Times of India, education ads, and much more!


Listed below are the differentiating factors that make Times of India a game-changer:

  • Economical: Prior to contrary believe the Times of India is an extremely economical platform for advertising. It has the best rates in the market making it ideal for people from all walks of life to advertise and get their ads seen by masses of people.
  • Driven by Results: Times of India classifieds is a result driven newspaper that strives to provide the highest ROI for any and all campaigns that run. This coupled with the lowest rates in the industry make advertising with TOI the best decision you have ever made.
  • Reach: A massive reach that ranges across various age groups, locations, sexes and even professions is effectively the most common feature of the Times of India. This facility allows you to opt for your ads to be viewed by a huge number of people which in turn will solidify the success of all your campaigns.
  • Guaranteed results: Ads in Times of India guarantee success for your campaigns when advertising with the newspaper. The Times of India has become the pioneer of cost-effective advertising setting the bar for many years to come.
  • Combo Offers: Classified ads are budgeted based on your requirements. Times of India classified ads provides a number of options and offers to choose from as well which include buying one get one free offer and even buy 3 get 2 placements free offers.


Book Times of India Advertisement with Bookadsnow

People across the country constantly compete to get the most visual spots with the Times of India thus causing a constant rush for ad bookings. A fear of the unknown can be quite a setback for people that are unfamiliar with the ad booking process and the availability of pricing specific to your budget and campaign requirements. Bookadsnow, a veteran in ad booking with over 3 decades of experience, a certified partner of the Times of India and a certified INS (Indian Newspaper Society) accreditation, now makes it extremely easy to advertise Times of India advertisement at any point in time within your pre-determined budget. This coupled with the fact that you now have the facility to pay for all your ad booking requirements securely online cuts the amount of time it would take to book an ad with the Times of India in half.



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