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Why Times of India is so effective for publishing Recruitment Ads

Mar 05, 2019 | Newspaper
Times of India appointment ads

The Times of India is India's most loved and revered newspaper today with a database of about 8 millions readers. Quick fact- The Times of India has the world’s highest readership numbers which makes it a newspaper to truly reckon with when it comes to advertising. Times of India Recruitment has a big role to play in India with many companies opting for this medium to find the right employees to fill relevant vacant positions. Vice versa, there are thousands of people searching for jobs who rely on newspaper recruitment ads to find the job best suited to their skills.

Times of India Ascent ads better known as appointment ads is the best way to connect job seekers from various parts of the country to relevant industries looking to fill their positions with relevant personnel. Let us talk about the three different types of newspaper ad formats that you may choose from based on your requirements and budget when opting for Times of India recruitment ads:


Types of Ad formats in Times of India Recruitment Ads

Standard Display: A display ad is the most visual ad format available in the Times of India. If you have multiple job opportunities and want to catch the attention of a large group of readers then this is the format to choose. Times of India Display advertising break the boundaries of classified ad constrictions and appeal to a huge audience due to its favourable placements throughout the Times of India.

Display Classifieds: Display classified ads are the new age alternative to simple black and white text ads. A display classified recruitment ad consists of many layers which include logos, text, images and so on. The defining factor of a display classified is that it allows you to choose between black and white and color with the latter being a little heavier on your pocket.  This ad placement is beneficial for everybody as it is both economical and visually effective making it an ideal ad format for people looking to avail of a newspaper advertising to advertise their vacancies on a budget.

Text Classifieds: This is the most common and economical ad format available when booking job advertisement is newspaper. This is a budgeted option for companies looking to advertise their vacancies on a budget yet still maintain the effectiveness you need to make your recruitment ads a success.

Times of India appointment ads

Highlighted below are the features a recruitment ad must contain for maximum visibility and interaction:

Call to Action: An ideal appointment ad must contain a catchy call to action that highlights the objective of the ad and grabs the attention of the people perusing the newspaper advertisements. A call to action can be anything from “Apply Now” to “Enquire today”. The success of the campaign depends upon the urgency created by the call to action on an appointment ad.

Information: The information given in an Times of India Recruitment ads must be sufficient, to the point and accurate. False information may result in the loss of good applicants who would be well suited for the role you are looking to fill.

Vacancy Details: An appointment ad must always have the details of the job vacancy. For example How many seats are available, Requirements to apply, Interview dates and so on.


Choosing Bookadsnow for all your appointment ad booking needs with the Times of India

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