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Fastest Option To Book Your Ad In Times Of India Newspaper

Sep 26, 2017 | Newspaper
times of India advertisement

Established on 3rd November 1838, Times of India is the most widely circulated and highest selling English newspaper covering the whole of the country. Times of India has a daily circulation of 31, 40,000 copies in India. Undoubtedly, TOI is the most read newspaper across the country. These reasons make it clear as to why Times of India Advertisement is preferred by a lot of people and companies. Times of India Advertisement Booking provides proper attention and brand promotion. An invitation to the reader’s faith along with massive reach is garnered well through TOI Online Ad Booking.

Times of India Advertisement Booking can be proceeded through various following options:

  • The fastest mode of booking TOI Ads Online is by visiting our website
  • The other option for Times of India Advertisement Booking is to give your ad publishing matter, content or design to an independent agent who books your advertisement in Times of India on your behalf and gulps in extra commission.
  • The third option is to visit a publishing house to get your TOI advertisement booked directly for the selected edition.

Therefore, to know about the most suitable Times of India Advertisement Booking centres, go through the basic comparative pointers listed below:

TOI Online Ad Booking: The TOI Online Ad Booking appears to be the fastest and frequently used option by the advertisers. There are various reasons as to why people opt for TOI Online Ad Booking. Booking ads online is convenient, the fastest option and saves time. Our INS accredited online portal have a tie up with all the major Indian newspapers that include Times of India. Bookadsnow is an advertisement platform that assists you to submit your queries for the advertisement. We definitely understand your pain point of not being acquiesced with good advert pricing. Media rates are highly negotiable up to 80% - keeping this in mind, our online portal doesn’t display rate cards online. We aim to assist every client individually and treat every query whether big or small separately. We get you the best Times of India Advertisement Rate Card & Times of India Advertisement Front Page Rate for booking an advertisement in various TOI sizes on receiving your query. We book your ads in a faster and smarter way depending upon your release date and save a whole lot of time and unnecessary effort.

Booking Ads with Times of India directly: Times of India Advertisement Booking directly with the publishing house provides you with subsidized Times of India Classifieds without grabbing commission. But however, visiting the TOI publishing office on regular basis to get an advertisement published might not be a convenient option. This process of visiting, standing in queues, meeting, instructing, explaining, making the payment and getting the ad published is a highly time-consuming process. Therefore, booking an ad through TOI publishing house isn’t an easy, fast and simple option.

Booking Ads in Times of India through An Individual Agent: Getting your ads published with the assistance of an agent isn’t a viable option for big brands. The method is generally chosen by people who are not tech savvy and short on time. Moreover, this option of getting a TOI advertisement booked is expensive because a part of commission needs to be handed to the agent separately.  Also, the biggest drawback of getting an advertisement booked through an agent is that there is no guarantee or fixed rulebook defining the percentage of commission that the agent might charge. Therefore, the advertisers simply have to pay what the agent quotes.

Henceforth, the fastest and simplest way of booking Times of India advertisement is through the online portals like us. We at Bookadsnow have simplified the process of booking newspaper ads on any newspaper including Times of India by showcasing you all the valuable information about the national and regional daily newspapers.

On the online platform, we invite you to share all the valid details about your advertisement requirements like:

  • Type of ad
  • Size of ad
  • Budget
  • Date of release
  • Hues and frequency

On receiving the above information, our media expert gets in touch with you to strike a better deal at the justifiable cost.

How to Book Advertisement in Times of India Online with us?

  • Visit Bookadsnow to Book Advertisement Online
  • On the homepage, you will find the Newspaper icon. On the Newspaper icon, you will find a “Book Now” option. Select the “Book Now” option.
  • Type Times of India on the search bar and select the newspaper from the drop-down.
  • On the icon of Times of India, you will find two options View Details & Add to Plan.
  • You can send your queries for Times of India Advertisement through these two options.

You can also email us at to get an immediate reply for your booking queries. To garner more information, you can also call or message us at + 91- 9830400021 and our media experts will get in touch with you.

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