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Times Of India Classifieds is The Smarter Way To Advertise For The Millions

Mar 01, 2019 | Newspaper
TOI Classifieds

Print ads are far from waning in India. It is still a robust platform to convey the latest offers, brand launches, updates and even announcements of the launching of new online shopping sites. India is still in a transition phase from print to digital, where the introductory chapters of digital communication and digital marketing are still dependent on the print medium. This might also have to do with the cost of advertising. For example - the Times of India Advertisement Rate is quite amicable in comparison to digital media advertising rates. People are more likely to go for a media that involves less expenditure and promises more in return.


Press still holds the power in India to Book Times of India Classifieds

The press still holds the power to make people think. The leading newspapers of the country including Times of India can reach out to everyone with the message. CEOs, daily commuters in local trains, hawkers, government officials, teachers, students, and homemakers have easy access to English dailies like the Times of India. People release Ads in Times of India to reach out to well-cultivated readers at amicable advertisement booking rates.


People trust print more to book Times of India Classifieds Ads

Press is a permanent source of the latest news updates in our country. Even now, print media is more relevant than digital. Although almost 17% of the Indians use smartphones and about 13% Indians use internet on the daily basis. The penetration of digital news medium is rather low. On the other hand, Times of India has the highest circulation among all English dailies in the world, providing maximum visibility to the Times of India Classifieds. About 3,321,702 copies are circulated per day in different cities and towns of the country. Newspapers have a healthier penetration in our country compared to digital medium.


Newspapers are a part of our daily habit for booking classified ads in Times of India

It is a ritual for many retired individuals in our country to sit with the morning newspaper and go through each and every page carefully. They don’t even miss the TOI advertisement. At times they are looking for suitable brides or grooms for their sons and daughters of marriageable age. During other times they are simply looking at tender ads to pass time. Prospective employees go through the job and announcement sections of the paper.


Times of India Classifieds is simply the king of print

Times of India has a glorious past and an impressive present. It is a family-owned legacy that has over 11,000 employees all over the country. The Times Group also has other publications including Ahmedabad Mirror, Bangalore Mirror, Maharashtra Times, Delhi Times, Bangalore Times, Mumbai Mirror, Ei Samay and more. It has noted readerships in Ahmedabad, Aurangabad, Bangalore, Bhopal, Calicut, Indore, Hyderabad, Chandigargh, Coimbatore, Delhi, Bhubaneshwar, Kolkata, Kolhapur, Kochi, Lucknow, Madurai, Mangalore, Mysore, Nagpur, Nashik, Panaji, Patna, Puducherry, Raipur, Pune, Ranchi, Trichy, Varanasi, Vijaywada and Vishakhapatnam, among others. This provides a location-based readership for all advertisers and a dedicated target group for their advertising on Times of India.


Invest less to gain more for booking Times of India Classifieds

Times of India has a variety of advertising opportunities for all advertisers. These include discounts and special advertisement booking offers. Bookadsnow is an online advertisement booking platform that can help you Advertise in Times of India at the most unbelievable prices. With the low cost of advertising, the returns on investment are almost always high. TOI provides a unique media for all kinds of advertisements to reach out to the relevant readers by making their most cultivated readers and target groups available to the advertisers. Bookadsnow can help you optimize your Times of India advertisement, so you get the response you are hoping for.


TOI spoils you for choosing different classifieds

This daily offers a plethora of Times of India Classifieds options and types to all advertisers. You can book Times of India Matrimonial ad, property advertisement, job announcement or obituary advertisement from the comforts of your home with online advertisement booking services. This is the marriage of the power of the print medium and the convenience of the digital medium. Bookadsnow is facilitating this union so that you can now choose your TOI advertisement category, ad type, and complete payment right from your smartphone or PC. TOI not only supports online advertisement booking, it also has amazing combo offers and discount slabs for advertisers, who book their Times of India Classifieds advertisements online.

What are you waiting for? Pick up that smartphone and start your 10-minute Times of India Classifieds Booking process today!


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