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Benefits of Giving Matrimonial Ads in Times of India

Feb 22, 2019 | Newspaper
times of india matrimonial ad

Newspaper advertising has always been an important way of providing valuable information to the people, Information that would normally not cross our path when leading our daily lives. An important section in any newspaper is the matrimonial classifieds because it allows people from various walks of life to meet, interact with one another and get to know each other extensively. Times of India matrimonial provides an extensive platform for you to reach out to a large audience in order to meet the person of your dreams.


Given below are the many benefits you may avail off when booking matrimonial ads with the Times of India:

  • Reach: Times of India is revered as the newspaper with the most extensive reach in India and is regarded as the most popular English daily in the world. This reach allows you to publish matrimonial ads that actually make a difference. The concept of ‘there’s someone out there for everybody’ is made true with the Times of India.
  • Cost Effective Options: Need Times of India advertisement to be published on a budget? Not to worry, Times of India has a number of economic options when opting for matrimonial ads making it easier for everybody to advertise with the Times of India.
  • Immediate Booking: Times of India has provisions for even the most urgent matrimonial ads. Therefore if you need an advertisement to be published immediately then The Times of India is your way to go.
  • Guaranteed Results: With Times of India you can be sure of one thing, results! An extensive reader database guarantees success when it comes to your matrimonial ads. Finding the ‘one’ has never been as easy as this.
  • End to End Consultation: Have queries about booking ads with the Times of India? Our in-house experts are here to answer your queries effectively and guide you through the process of booking matrimonial ads with the Times of India.


Book Matrimonial Advertisement in Times of India with Bookadsnow

Bookadsnow is a veteran at advertisement bookings with over 3 decades of experience in the field. With a certified INS (Indian Newspaper Society) accreditation, Bookadsnow is proud to be a trusted partner of The Times of India for all advertisement bookings. This accompanied with the facility of online payments makes Bookadsnow truly an ad booking agency to reckon with!

Booking newspaper matrimonial ads with the Times of India is made easy with Bookadsnow. With a team of trained professionals available in-house to cater to all your needs, we are able to guide you along a successful path of matrimonial sanctity.


The matrimonial ad format for the Times of India is specifically of one type:

Classified Display Ads: A classified display advertisement consists of the image of the bride or groom along with their name and contact information. This is ideal to grab the attention of prospective significant other others along with giving them the information necessary to get in touch with you. This ad format is extremely cost-effective and easy to publish.

The procedure for booking a matrimonial advertisement with the Times of India via Bookadsnow is listed below:
  1. Visit Bookadsnow and click on the matrimonial ads bar.
  2. Select the newspaper that you would like to run the advertisement with. In this case, Times of India is the recommended choice.
  3. If you need help with designing a template that would receive maximum interaction then choose from our many available templates which have proven to be extremely successful for a number of advertisers.
  4. Pick the dates on which you would like to run your ads and submit this information
  5. Finally, after submission of your query make the payment mentioned, sit back and relax.

Keep in mind that we believe in constant support and vigilance so if you ever need any information or have problems in booking Times of India Advertisement then we are here to help!


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