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How Do You Improve Your Media Outreach?

Jan 23, 2019 | Newspaper
Media planning

Marketers need exposure for their content, and the media needs content to report. But the relationship between these two is not that simple. This is because of the poor media outreach practices and failure to create valuable content on the part of the marketers and PR professionals. Fortunately, the industry now is taking the help of more strategic outreach planning. Marketing has shifted toward an inbound strategy of attracting a specific audience rather than forcing messages to all and sundry. PR is strategically targeting the publications and influencers that best fit the content made for a specific target audience.

Here, we will discuss the steps for improving your Media Planning outreach


Define Your Target Audience for Better Media Planning

Define your ideal buyer persona. This will offer helpful insights about everything from product development to content creation. If you gather information about stakeholders across your brand, it will help you immensely in defining your ideal target audience for content distribution. If you understand the demographics, challenges, motivation as well as the online and offline behaviour of your audience, it will ultimately guide your outreach strategy.


Build Media Lists for Better Media Planning

Vet the publications and media outlets your ideal audience frequents, then go on to research the contact that fits best. Understand if they publish third-party content if they regularly post on the topic you are planning to pitch and if they frequently promote their posts via other channels like social media. Also find out if they cite content produced by brands if their posts see a lot of engagement, and if they demonstrate values that align with your brand.


Grab Media Attention for Better Media Planning

When it comes to pitching, you only have a few seconds to make a good first impression. Create straight-forward, data-driven subject lines, or pose a question to pique curiosity about your content. Personalise your subject line according to the information you find when you are researching your potential contact, more so if you are going for a conversational pitch.


Develop Your Story for Better Media Planning

A good pitch will outline the story relevant to the writer’s unique audience clearly and concisely. Consider the key message your content is conveying to that specific audience. Create a quick bullet list to call out the most compelling or emotional insights from the content and communicate its valuable newsworthy elements. Please keep in mind that the same piece of objective content can offer different story angles that would interest multiple audience profiles, so you need to tailor the elements and insights according to the writer’s audience.


Prove your value for Better Media Planning

Highlight how your content aligns with the priorities of the media. Explain how it exemplifies the three qualities of valuable content - credibility, newsworthiness and relevance. Make sure you include the data source or methodology your content is based on. We at Bookadsnow are sure you want to get a competitive edge and garner more coverage for your business. Please remember that communication is key and focus your efforts on meaningful conversations to get more out of your media outreach strategies.


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