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How Can You Book Matrimonial Advertisement in Eenadu newspaper?

Jul 13, 2018 | Newspaper
Matrimonial Ad in Eenadu

Matrimonial advertisements are published with the specific purpose of finding an eligible groom or a bride based on factors like caste, religion, status, family background, etc. Such Ads are more like search mediums for the purpose of finding suitable matches. In this situation, newspapers are a reliable and widespread medium that plays a key role in introducing two people who otherwise would not have crossed paths.

Eenadu is an Indian Telugu daily headquartered in Vijayawada. It started its operation in 1974. This daily was founded by media tycoon Mr. Ramoji Rao. Eenadu is owned by the Eenadu Group. Its prominence is significant in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, it is the largest circulated daily there. Interestingly, it is the 6th largest circulated newspaper in India. According to the statistics of January to June 2017, Eenadu has a circulation figure of approximately 18,62,018 copies daily.

When it comes to matrimonial newspaper advertising in South Indian states, Eenadu remains one of the most preferred dailies due to its popularity and dedicated readership.

The Perks of Releasing Matrimonial Ads in Eenadu are:

  • Eenadu has a circulation of over 1.81 million copies and a readership of over 5.91 million daily.
  • It has dedicated readers due to its high quality of journalism.
  • Eenadu reaches not only to the major cities like Visakhapatnam and Hyderabad but also reaches numerous districts and semi-urban towns as well.
  • The Eenadu advertisement rates are affected by the type and format of the ad, this allows individuals of varying financial capacities to release advertisements.
  • It has a wide range of advertising rates and placement choices for everyone.

It is essential for an individual to approach an experienced newspaper advertising agency like Lookad India Pvt. Ltd. The agency strives to provide the clients with a convenient Ad booking experience. One can book matrimonial advertisement through the online portal introduced by Lookad namely the Bookadsnow.

The potential clients can seek guidance from the in-house experts and take advantage of the readymade templates if they wish to book newspaper ad in the eleventh hour. Their easy and secure online payment options simplify the task of booking a newspaper advertisement in Eenadu. One can reach out to huge target readers and save money at the same time with Bookadsnow.

Why book Eenadu Newspaper Ads online through Bookadsnow?

Lookad India Pvt. Ltd came up with the online media platform, Bookadsnow one of the best newspaper advertising agencies in Delhi that have made the task of booking Ads in newspapers an easy task. Although based in Kolkata, we can assist clients throughout India. Our experts personally negotiate lower ad rates for the clients keeping in mind their Ad requirement. Our readymade templates allow us to assist the clients with the creative layout of the advertisements, even at the eleventh hour.

Furthermore, after the advertisement is released, we continue to maintain ties with our clients. We provide them with a hard copy of the newspaper where the Ads are published.

How to book Matrimonial ads in Eenadu through Bookadsnow?

Step1: Select 'Matrimonial Ad' from our Homepage.

Step 2: Click on 'Eenadu' as the newspaper for releasing Matrimonial Ad.

Step 3: Choose an appropriate format for your Matrimonial Ad. (Display Ad, Classified Text Ad and Display Classified Ad.)

Step 4: You'll come across 3 distinct online forms for each Ad format.

  • State the location(s) where the Matrimonial Ad needs to be released.
  • Select the Ad size from the given options. The Ad sizes are customizable as per the requirement of the client.
  • Upload the creative or the content of the Matrimonial Ad. You could also pick from the available options of readymade templates prepared by Bookadsnow.
  • Lastly, provide your personal details along with a comment you would like Bookadsnow to keep in mind and then submit the form.

Once you are done with these preliminary step of booking a Matrimonial Ad in Eenadu, we will contact you and guide you through the rest of the Ad booking details. Our experts will coordinate with the client and learn about their requirements. This will help them set up a suitable budget for the Matrimonial Ad.

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