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Benefits Of Advertising In Newspaper For Getting Married

Oct 24, 2017 | Newspaper
Matrimonial Ads in newspaper

In India, marriage is a sacred affair where two people formalize a lifetime affair by tying the knot. Even after the dawn of the contemporary era, “arranged marriages” are still extremely popular and prevalent in India. Finding a perfect match can be a challenging task making us resort to newspaper advertisements. By publishing Matrimonial Ads in Newspaper, you can easily reach out to the prospective matches for your friends, relatives or children.

With Bookadsnow, an INS accredited newspaper advertising agency with the perfect solution, you can publish your Matrimonial Ads in Newspaper online across India at justifiable rates for acclaimed ad positions. Matrimonial Ads in Newspaper is published with a specific goal to find a suitable and feasible partner with the prospect of getting locked in a marital relationship.

Advantages of Booking Matrimonial Ads

1)    Extended and easy reach across the Regional States: Based on the advertising mediums, Newspaper is said to have the second largest reach in India. With Bookadsnow, you can publish Matrimonial Ads in Newspaper on the basis of your choice for a particular city from your present city.  For example, if your present location is Delhi and you are looking for a Gujarati bride residing in Bangalore, then you can opt for booking a matrimonial ad in Bangalore newspaper from your current city through the online portal.

2)    Newspaper delineate massive outreach even today: Publishing ads in top newspapers with high popularity, circulation, and readability assist in reaching out to the masses.

3)    Newspaper create bigger impact: Advertising in Newspaper is highly effective in comparison to any other form of advertisement. Matrimonial Advertisement in Newspaper is trusted by most of the people because it garners genuine appearance.

4)     Matrimonial ad in newspaper guarantees higher reach: Since matrimonial ads are released every Sundays, therefore it guarantees higher audience interaction and reach. During weekends, it calls for a good time for the family members to sit with a newspaper and glide through matrimonial advertisement to get an ideal match.

How to Book Matrimonial Ads with Bookadsnow?

•    Visit

•    Go to the Matrimonial Ads icon which is on the Homepage and click on “Book Now” option.

•    Type your preferred newspaper on the search bar and select the newspaper from the drop-down.

•    On the preferred newspaper icon, you will find two options View Details & Add to Plan. You can send your queries for Matrimonial Ads through these two options available on the newspaper icon.

You can also email us your Matrimonial ads related queries at also and our team will reach out instantly. To avail further information call us at +91–9830400021 or send us a message and our experts will get back to you.

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