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Benefits of Publishing Marriage Notice Ads in Times of India

Mar 24, 2021 | Newspaper
Release Marriage Notice Ads in Times of India

Advertisements come in a series of shapes and sizes.

From display to classified, from tender to recruitment - there is an endless list that awaits.

However, between this variety, there is a common misconception between a marriage ad and a marriage notice ad. Agreed, they both sound similar but have different uses altogether. Marriage ads are also called matrimonial ads and find use in situations where individuals are often in search of a bride or groom. This ad typically contains a list of requirements needed before closing in on a prospective life partner.

On the contrary, a marriage notice ad is an ad released when two people decide to marry overseas. This is normally released as a demand by a foreign embassy before the union can take place. Whether Dubai or Kathmandu, this type of ad is a legal requirement and should definitely be done with a newspaper that’s bound to give you viewership and visibility unlike any other.

So, what better solution than TOI ads?

In case you didn’t know, the Times of India is India’s largest and most successful English publication!

Let’s dive in further and see what makes it the best choice for a notice advertisement.

Reasons Why Times of India Ads Enjoy Nationwide Popularity

Supplements for better targeting


Besides the influence of the main publication, its variety of supplements help you reach even more audiences based on interests. Education Times, Times Property and Times Ascent are some of the ones that are sure to help you get the exposure you seek. Any notice advertisement hence will get better reception keeping this selection in mind.


Strong readership as a daily

Times of India readership

Fact. Did you know that this publication boasts a readership of 15.2 million while the combined readership of big names like the Hindu, Telegraph and Indian Express stands at 14.6 million? That’s the power of TOI ads. In fact, it has grown by 2.2 million since and has become even bigger than ever! That’s the readership base that will come across your marriage notice ads.


Enviable circulation figures

TOI circulation

The popularity and strength of a newspaper are always proportional to the circulation it carries. Boasting 3,198,449 copies on a daily basis, the Times of India surely stands as the best choice for getting your marriage notice advertisement out in the open. Undisputed in readership as well as circulation, the top English daily today will reap superb benefits for your needs in the future.


Multiple pan India editions

TOI Editions

The best part of advertising in the Times of India is that your message is bound to reach a huge chunk of the Indian population. Spread across 500 cities, it has a strong presence in leading metropolitans across the country. Using TOI ads for your needs is definitely the right call.


High-quality journalism

Quality journalism in Times of India

The primary reason why readers are attracted to this newspaper is its professional and highly engaging content. Timely, credible and simple to understand – it definitely resonates with the public and in turn, keeps advertisers coming back for more. TOI ads are definitely the right way to take advantage of this strong readership base.

These are the top reasons why advertising in the Times of India has always been preferred.

The country’s leading English publication and the undisputed leader in its market – this newspaper has always been the go-to for small business and advertisers alike. Better targeting options, higher chances of visibility and a great influence across India’s interiors, advertising in the Times of India will surely give you the results you seek.

For marriage notice ads (or any other actually), TOI ads should be at the top of your list!



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