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Benefits & Advantages of Times of India Advertisement

Apr 17, 2018 | Newspaper
times of india advertisement

Hate it or love it, you cannot ignore the fact that Times of India is the leading newspapers in the nation with a huge customer base of 7.59 million readers across the nation. Being founded in the year 1838, Times of India has not ceased to spread its magic since then. With each passing day, it has grown out to become a better source of information across a plethora of genres like sports, politics, entertainment, fashion & lifestyle, global news, etc. To act as an 'icing on the cake', you can also book Times of India Advertisement which is viewed extensively by people all across the nation. They publish Matrimonial ads, Real Estate ads, Obituary ads, Display Ads etc. with excellent ad rates.

Reasons to stop bothering about Ad Rates when booking TOI Advertisement

  • Pocket-Friendly: What makes Time of India ads so much in-demand is the affordable adrates Times of India offers to their customers. The advertisement rates are designed in such a way that it will help people from all walks of life to advertise and fulfill their requirements.
  • Result Driven: If you want good results backed up by high ROI from your ad campaign, Times of India Advertisement will serve the purpose for you. They are known to have the lowest rates in the industry that will not make you regret your decision of advertising in TOI.
  • Extensive Reach: Apart from the affordable rates, TOI newspaper classified ads will also allow your ad to reach a wide range of audience or readers across the nation. You can easily target your audience based on sex, location, age group, profession, etc. so that your ad campaigns receive the maximum views.
  • Immediate Publishing: With Times of India, you can also publish your newspaper advertisement immediately. They have such provisions whereby they can conduct an immediate book advertisement which eventually leads to the faster publishing of the same.
  • Different types of Advertisements: With Times of India, you can actually book advertisements catering to different types of requirements. Be it a matrimonial ads, recruitment ad, property ad, obituary ad or tender ads, TOI will cover your ad requirements effectively without any hassle. We also help you release advertisements in single or multiple cities and provide better combo rates to make it more economical.
  • Better Placement of your Ads: With Times of India Display advertisement, be sure of the placement of your ad. Bookadsnow believes in providing high brand equity backed up by better placements of your ads for healthy visibility and maximum mileage.

Book Times of India Advertisement with Bookadsnow

Why should you even consider booking advertisements in TOI with Bookadsnow? To start with, Bookadsnow is an online media planning portal with 30 years of presence in the media industry having a strong relationship with various media houses. We are the official advertisement booking agency for the Times of India due to our full INS accreditation. They are recognized by the INS, which has allowed them to develop a healthy relationship with media house like Times of India as well. Not just that, one can easily book Times of India Advertisement through Bookadsnow from the comfort of their home.

Their long-term presence in the industry has allowed them to develop a strong in-house media planning team who exactly knows how to guide you on the journey of booking ads backed up by better ad placement in TOI. Bookadsnow believes in maintaining complete transparency with their clients and provides them with a copy of the newspaper to see the published ad. Plus, as a bonus, they have flexible payment options (both offline/online) and they help you attain the best adrates Times of India which are negotiable. Do make sure to browse through the Bookadsnow’website for booking a successful ad campaign in TOI!

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