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Why is Television the Most Effective Medium for Placing Product Ads Today

Mar 16, 2021 | Newspaper
Effective television medium

Did you know that advertising influences nearly 90% of consumer decisions to buy products/services? This includes billboards and hoardings, radio and print among other media.

But if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find that television advertising is the clear winner!

It started in the 1950s in America and spread quickly to other countries due to its profound impact on individuals. It was only in 1976 that this media entered the Indian subcontinent with the inception of colour in 1982. And today, a TV ad has the power to capture the attention at a single moment!

A classic example is the PM’s announcement of the lockdown which was watched by 197 million people! Imagine the benefits of placing an Aaj Tak advertisement at that point. The results would be unimaginable! The other event is the 2019 IPL final which garnered 133 million viewers.

Equally amazing, isn’t it?

The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to use gigantic events to get viewership.

By careful planning and leveraging the important time and days relevant to your brand and audiences, you can actually squeeze the benefits of TV advertising and divert them to your business.

But the question remains: Is advertising on television worth it for products?

Here’s your answer.


Why Television is a Strong Medium for Advertising Products

If you want a single reason to release a TV advertisement, it would definitely be its combined audio-visual impact. Where newspapers use sight while radio uses sound, TV advertising is endowed with the benefits of both together. This paves the way for better, creative ways to reach audiences since the gift of motion leads to stronger engagement.  

Check out a few more compelling reasons why TV advertising is the way to go!


reach of television ads

Wide Reach:

Yes, it’s true that TV ads can reach a much larger audience in contrast to what the newspapers and radio stations possess. Whether you’re launching a new product or showcase its salient features, you’ll find that this huge reach (which can be achieved within a shorter duration of time) will do justice to your advertising efforts.







impact of tv ads

Strong Impact:

As mentioned before, the sight and sound of a TV advertisement provide a better setting to display a product. But more than this, it can actually reach audiences when they are the most attentive and aware. Similar to the previous example, an Aaj Tak advertisement would be the best option for releasing ads during the lockdown since everybody’s attention was glued to (and still is) topics of national interest.




Personal messaging with tv advertising

Personal Messaging:

Ads on TV are known to strike a stronger emotional chord with audiences. It can also be called a storytelling medium since people can actively engage and relate to what is being broadcasted. If your message is conveyed the right way, ads can be remembered for years and of course, the brands that made it happen. Hence, it’s so much more than just products if you look closer.





television easily demonstrate brands

Easy Demonstration:

What differentiates this medium from others is the ease in conveying how the products work. You can show the actual product with its respective features and packaging in real-time on a huge platform. By showcasing why it’s the best for your needs, TV advertising plays a key role in the final purchasing decisions due to the stronger brand recall. Hence, the benefits of ownership come to light and make way for better chances of conversions.





audience trust television advertising

Stronger Trust:

By showing the actual product along with the features of sight, sound, movement and colour, there is much more trust in the products. It would help in creating a catch TVC and making the most of an ad spot. It’s as they say – “If it’s on TV, it must be good!” Assuring credibility and brand awareness, especially when using an Aaj Tak advertisement, you can achieve the instant success of your business goals through TV advertising.





So, if it’s about showcasing your products to the world, TV advertising will surely get the job done. Providing a ‘show and tell’ advantage, ads on TV are perhaps the perfect solution for your business.

And to make sure you get it right, the expert, tailormade solutions of Bookadssow are definitely worth looking into. No matter the budget or the objectives, the media experts will exceed expectations and take your business to newer heights!

So, make a decision that brings nothing but benefits.

Get in touch with us today!



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