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How to Book Amalgamation Notice Ads with Bookadsnow in a Few Easy Steps

Apr 01, 2021 | Newspaper
Amalgamation notice ad

Everybody knows that newspaper advertisements come in a variety of shapes and sizes. From recruitment ads to tender ads, you’ll see that there are just so many out there which serves different purposes. But if you’re unsure about what exactly a notice of amalgamation is, you’ll find this short write-up much to your advantage.

But to first understand what an amalgamation notice ad is all about, you must first learn what ‘amalgamation’ really means.

Keeping it simple and crisp, it is a decision taken where a player buys out another and adds the bought entity with itself. This is different from a merger since it is not a unification of two players into one, single entity. Hence, an amalgamation signifies the union of two or more companies into a new entity.

This has been a strategic move since it is a means of achieving instant growth, something that is getting increasingly popular among Indian businesses. Here are a few reasons why an amalgamation is preferred:

  • Increases strength of the organization
  • Expansion of consumer base
  • Stronger entry into new markets
  • Helps eliminate the competition
  • Enhances cash resources, etc.

To bring this news out into the open, a notice of amalgamation is released.

Normally, it is better to release the ad in a national daily (a strong one with good circulation) as well as a vernacular in the state where the company is registered. But remember that is compulsory to use an English daily for this announcement.

As far as ad formats are concerned, an amalgamation notice ad is typically released as a classified but can also be done in others based on requirements. Newspapers such as Indian Express, Business Standard and Economic Times have always stood as strong choices for these types of ads.

bookadsnow features

Luckily, Bookadsnow has been helping advertisers release these types of ads for years now!

No matter the date of release or the choice of newspaper, it has always provided the best advertising rates for every type of notice advertisement. Moreover, it offers huge benefits to those individuals and businesses that have never released a newspaper advertisement before! Here are a few that are definitely worth noting:

  • 30+ years of expertise in the media industry
  • Flexible and convenient modes of payment
  • 24*7 ad booking services for all
  • End to end booking assistance for ads
  • Last-minute ad booking facility for urgent matters


Being the official online ad booking partner for a variety of highly-rated newspapers, Bookadsnow has always been the stepping stone to success for countless businesses today. It may be a huge hassle for first-time ad bookers who need to book a newspaper advertisement and this is where Bookadsnow seeks to offer its professional assistance.

This is best seen through how easy it is to book newspaper ads online!

Follow these steps to have your notice of amalgamation released:

Step 1: Open the Bookadsnow website
Step 2: Select Notice Ads and your choice of newspaper
Step 3: Add the relevant ad details, contact information and comment if you want to.

Once this process is completed, our media professionals will contact and aid you in finalizing the rest, even help you release the ad the very next day.

An amalgamation notice ad is only beneficial when released in the best way possible.
Providing the best advertising rates compared to that of the market, Bookadsnow takes care of all your newspaper advertising requirements at one address. Besides quality media planning, buying and evaluation solutions, it also focuses on result-driven solutions for every business based on their objectives.

Keeping your budget in mind, expect superb benefits and services with Bookadnow.

Reach out to us to know exactly how we can help your business reach the sky!

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