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How to Book Advertisements in the Best Marathi Newspapers

Mar 23, 2021 | Newspaper
Best Marathi Newspapers ads

Newspaper advertising comes with a huge bundle of benefits for brands and businesses. By using the right newspaper on the right day and date in the right position, you can expect advantages like:

  • Enhanced visibility of the ad
  • More leads and conversions
  • Better brand recall and retention
  • Stronger engagement with people
  • Good credibility of the message, etc.

With such superb advantages on the table, it’s not surprising to hear that large companies and businesses still continue to use newspaper advertising. And in keeping with the same, advertisers have always looked for easy ways to book newspaper ads online.

Especially for an advertisement in a Marathi newspaper.

Being India’s 3rd largest state (by area) with over 114.2 million people, it is a huge market that businesses are trying to tap. Being one of the 22 scheduled languages of the nation, targeting regions like Tamil Nadu and Karnataka becomes more impactful when you choose a Marathi newspaper.

That’s precisely why we’ve shortlisted the top Marathi newspapers for you!

Check out these options below.

Release an Advertisement in the Top Marathi Newspapers of India



lokmat advertising

This newspaper was founded in 1971 and easily stands as one of the most read Marathi publications today. Wide reach, strong impact, great circulation figures – these are some of the benefits that you can expect with an advertisement in this Marathi newspaper. In fact, its readership of 22,012,012 (Statista 2020) is sure to make you realize its importance as an advertising tool.

Maharashtra Times

maharashtra Times advertising

A product of the esteemed Times Group, Maharashtra Times is known for its second-highest readership in Mumbai. Overall, it enjoys a strong readership of 5,217,000 (Statista 2020) and has always attracted advertisers due to its popularity. It is also called ‘Ma Taa’ and is perhaps the best medium for targeting audiences in Mumbai and its bordering regions.


Loksatta advertising

Backed by a readership of 4,174,000 (IRS of 2019), Loksatta is widely circulated as a Marathi daily and is published in regions like Pune, Nagpur and Delhi among others. This newspaper is published by the Indian Express Group with its roots dating back to 1948. If you have an intention of placing an advertisement in a Marathi newspaper, this one will definitely work wonders for you.


Sakal advertising

Sakal is a product of the Sakal Media Group. It boasts a readership of 14,661,000 (Statista 2020) and advertisers have chosen this name thanks to the wide coverage it offers. Whether Solapur, Pune, Nagpur or Aurangabad, its strong reach makes it a force to reckon with. This leading Marathi daily is surely worth considering for your advertising needs.


Pudhari advertising

The charm of this newspaper lies in the fact that is actually one of the oldest surviving newspaper in the state. Founded by Dr Ganpatrao Govindrao, it has a readership of 9,702,000 (Statista 2020) backed by a wide distribution that covers regions such as Maharashtra and Goa. Pudhari is also endowed with relatively stronger credibility, making it a worthy option to consider as well.

While the problem of finding the best Marathi daily is solved, how to go about the process of releasing an advertisement in any Marathi newspaper becomes the next question.

That’s where the services of Bookadsnow have come to the rescue!

Here’s how easy it becomes to have your newspaper advertisement released:

bookadsnow logo

Step 1: Open the Bookadsnow website

Step 2: Choose the specific newspaper and the type of newspaper ad

Step 3: Upload your creative and contact information with a comment if necessary


After this, the media experts will get in touch with you for further assistance.

For all your advertising needs, Bookadsnow will surely deliver the results you seek.

So, pick up that phone and get in touch today!






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