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5 Reasons Why TV Advertising is Essential Right Now

Dec 14, 2020 | Newspaper
Importance of Television Advertising

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the virus has turned our lives upside down.

Despite a drastic paradigm shift, you’ll find that marketers are still trying to find new ways to maintain their businesses and connect with their consumers. And it’s not about the TV advertising rates as many may surmise. 

It has been pointed out that audiences are now favouring authentic, purpose-driven campaigns. They want real issues to be addressed by reassuring and trusted brands.

Hence, TV advertising in times such as these demands a new kind of messaging. Even as time spent TV is up worldwide, the most important trait is the need for timely, credible information amidst a rapidly changing situation.

For instance, ever wondered why people are drawn towards an Aaj Tak advertisement?

The TV channel registered 12, 565,000 impressions during March 24th and over 13 million impressions when it came to the lockdown extension. These impressive numbers are a testament to the strength of the Hindi channel as well as the influence of the advertising tool itself.

Here are a few figures that display TV’s significant growth:

•    Increase in Average Daily Viewers from 560 million (January) to 622 million (March)
•    Weekly Viewing Minutes grew by 37% (from 887 billion to 1215 billion)
•    23% surge in daily viewership from 3:36 hours to 4:49 hours per day
•    The number of channels watched/per viewer/per week increased from 16 to 22
•    Total TV consumption increased by 37% across the nation.

Hence, it’s a hidden opportunity for brands to reach out and connect with audiences that are boxed in their homes. Of course, this is best amplified through the TV ad agency you choose to work with. Besides the statistics, listed below are the reasons why this is an ideal time to advertise on television.


Advertising During the Pandemic: To Do or Not to Do?

For once, people can actually save lives just by staying at home. So it’s only natural that the time spent watching TV will increase. This has created an environment where marketers can test new campaigns as they step into unchartered territory. However, people’s viewing habits have undergone some change as well.

Considering the extended stay-at-home orders, online classes and work from home trend, it’s not wrong to say that the viewing patterns have been thrown into flux. In fact, the benefits of the TV ad (compared to the TV advertising rates) are greater in the current scenario!

However, when you look at the larger picture, this is of little consequence. Businesses and brands are more interested in how to address the situation and make their presence productive. Positive, reassuring messages are key and exploiting the crisis for personal gain is not the way forward. As we adjust to the new normal, businesses must adapt to the situation while staying true to their brand values.

So now is not the time to retreat.

It’s time to inspire during a time of distancing and isolation.

Here are the major reasons why it would be a wise move to release a TV advertisement.

•    Increased time spent for individuals at home results in significantly higher reach
•    CPR decreased for TV as the same ad spots prove to more impactful
•    Smaller brands look at TV for tactical campaigns to launch need-based products like sanitizers/masks etc. for the first time
•    Both TV viewers & TV viewing hours increased as a general consequence
•    Allows brands to go ahead with responsible messages relate to crucial assistance/services


Whether a source of information, a means of distraction or an advertising tool, consumers are watching more TV as they battle against quarantine, social distancing and self-isolation. Getting accustomed to the new normal is a hurdle in itself, for both businesses and individuals. This huge societal shift has made it difficult for brands to stay at the top of mind of consumers.

But TV advertising may just be the solution we need.

After all, it’s a win-win for both parties!

So get in touch with us at Bookadsnow to get the best TV advertising rates today!

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