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Why Rates do not matter while Booking Advertisements in the Times of India

Feb 22, 2018 | Newspaper
adrates times of india

A newspaper advertisement has always been a great way to reach out to a large number of people to advertise for a number of reasons. These reasons could include a public notice, a job announcement and various advertisements pertaining to products and services and Times of India property ads and Tender Notice Times of India.

Advertise in Times of India at Lowest Rates

Advertising in the Times of India has always been a very favorable situation because of its reach and popularity in India. But due to a bombardment of requests and constant bookings, it’s not always easy to get ideal rates for advertising. At Bookadsnow we believe in cutting your work in half by not only facilitating the opportunity to run advertising with Times of India but also giving you these ad placements at the best rates the industry has to offer!

One of the common misconceptions with newspaper advertising is that top-notch newspapers like the Times of India have extremely high adrates times of india for advertising and do not provide many options when it comes to the same. On the contrary, the Times of India is extremely pocket-friendly and has advertising options for even the most constrained advertiser.

How may you ask for Booking Times of India Advertisement?

The Times of India is partnered with Bookadsnow which is an online ad booking agency with the ability to cut the time taken to book an ad with the Times of India in half. Bookadsnow works in tandem with Times of India to provide reasonable adrates times of india that make it extremely easy for people to advertise their products, services, and brand on a budget. These rates are specific to your requirements, therefore, it is necessary to first speak to our many available media experts, discuss your plan for advertising and take a quote. This quote will be completely catered to your needs and budget making your advertising dreams with the Times of India possible.

How to book Times of India advertisement with Bookadsnow?

Booking a Times of India advertisement with Bookadsnow is extremely easy. The steps to follow are listed below:

  1. Pick your ad format: Visit the website and pick your advertisement of choice. Once completed it will take you to a page where you may pick what ad format you would like to use. These range between text classified ads, display classified ads and standard display ads.
  2. Select your demographics: This includes reach of your ad along with the cities you would like to target.
  3. Payments: Bookadsnow has the facility to allow people to pay securely online. This cuts the time spent for booking ads in half and provides the opportunity to pick ideal adrates Times of India in real time!
  4. Release Date: Finally pick a date for publishing your ad. If you want to keep your ad published over a span of time then this is when you make that distinction. Bookadsnow has the facility of immediacy so if you need an advertisement to be published immediately then Bookadsnow is your way to go.

Bookadsnow is a certified partner of the Times of India along with a number of distinguished newspapers in India. An INS (Indian Newspaper Society) accredited agency, Bookadsnow is a veteran in the ad booking market with over 3 decades of experience.

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