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Benefits of Television Advertising to Get More Sales and Faster Profits

Jan 23, 2019 | Newspaper
tv advertising

Despite the Internet’s steady rise in popularity over the course of the last few years, television remains the dominant medium in most households worldwide. As per multiple studies, it is shown that on average a person spends about 4 hours a day in front of a television making ‘television watching’ one of the most common leisure activities of modern day society. Owing to this fact is it any wonder that tv advertising is also one of the most powerful forms of advertising?

Advertising on television allows you to portray your business, products, and services to a large audience. You can show how your product or service basically works and how your products are packaged so prospective customers would know what to look for when looking to buy your products or avail of your services. Effective advertising often requires multiple touch points to effectively influence a customer’s purchasing behavior.

The advantages of a well-made television advertisement:

To create effective tv advertising it’s always better to have a good script that highlights a unique offer. The distinct benefits of advertising on television include:

  • The reach a television advertisement can provide is much greater than that of Newspapers and Radio. The ability to reach a larger number of people allows you to better advertise your products and services and in turn maximize your sales and attain faster profits.
  • A television ad is viewed by people when they are the most attentive. This is a game changer in ad recognition and makes the world of difference for your ad campaign and sales strategy.
  • A television advertisement allows you to portray your brand, products, and services with the help of sight, sound, and motion which can give your brand instant credibility in the market. You can choose to contact a channel to book an ad slot or multiple ad slots yourself or contact tv advertising agencies to do so for you.
  • A television advertisement gives you the liberty to differentiate. For example, depending on your target audience’s location you can choose countries, market segments, specific time frames and selected zip codes for airing your ads on television.
  • An effective television ad has ‘legs’. Advertisements like P&G’s Thank You, Mom and Dove’s Campaign for real beauty cross quite efficiently into popular culture. In contemporary society, today popular culture has worldwide reached when any television ad goes viral. The 30 second and one minute run times of most TV ads make them ideal for Youtube Play.

With the arrival of Cable Television and DTH came lowered production costs and tv advertising rates thus giving you the opportunity to reach smaller more targeted audiences, which in turn became an ideal environment for small to medium-sized businesses to advertise as well.

What Bookadsnow brings to the table when opting for television advertising: -

Ad monitoring: Bookadsnow has a unique in-house ad monitoring facility which allows you to now monitor your ads so as to check if your ad is being aired during the time slots that you have chosen to run on your preferred channels. This facility helps you to reach more unique viewers thus increasing the reach of your advertisement.

Competition Monitoring: With this facility, you can also monitor what your competitors are doing when it comes to TV advertising so that you can tweak your ad to compete effectively. For example, if your competitor changes their ad preferences from the morning slot to prime time you will be the first one to get to know.

Booking a television ad has been made extremely easy with Bookadsnow. You can now choose from an array of channels and time slots including prime time ad slots immediately and pay the best tv advertising rates for these slots online via a secure online payment portal. Visit to book your ideal television advertisement today!

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