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Property Ads Booking in The Times of India at Lowest Ad Rates

Times of India Property Ads are booked when you look to buy, sell, rent or lease out a property. Property Ads contain all major key details and basic layout of the property along with contact details. Publishing Times of India Property Ads assist you to showcase your property to the apt target group and reach the potential audience.

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Times of India Property Advertisement offer the following advantages:

•    Times of India is the highest selling English newspaper, read extensively across India. It reaches a considerate number of readers.

•    The Newspaper offers city-centric options to publish Times of India Property Ads.

•    Times of India Property Ads or Real Estate Advertising in TOI comes in various formats like the Text Classifieds, Classified Display and Display Ad. Based on the requirements and budget, you can book Times of India Property Ads in any of the three formats.

What are the Types of Times of India Property Advertisement?

Times of India Property Ads are mainly of three types:

Times of India Classifieds: Times of India Classifieds are textual based, run on line ads which are charged based on the number of lines. This ad type is not detailed in nature.

Classified Display Property Ads: Times of India Property Ads are the modern aged type of advertisement with articulate details and logo affixed. The Advertisement rates for Classified Display Property Ads are more as compared to Times of India Classifieds.

Display Property Ads: Display Property Ads are highly detailed, elaborate with logo affixed. In comparison to the above two ads, the size of the Display Property Ad is bigger and pricier. These are usually utilized by the large-scale real-estate firms that have huge residential or business projects.


Book Property Advertisement in Times of India with Bookadsnow

Bookadsnow is an online portal that has made Real Estate Advertising simpler. A wing of Lookad India Private Limited, Bookadsnow offers effective as well as pocket-friendly advertisement rates. With an experience of over thirty years, Bookadsnow offers the following Times of India Property Advertisement benefits:

•    Competitive market rates: We serve our clients with justifiable quotes.

•    Complete transparency with the media buying: We maintain complete transparency with our customers. Rates of publishing advertisements are never mentioned beforehand, as they are negotiable up to 80%.

•    End to end Media Consultancy: Our team of experts resolves all your advertisement queries in a very efficient manner.

•    Readymade formats and template suggestions for first-time ad bookers: We provide you with readymade templates and provide complete guidance for all those booking an ad for the first time.

•    Flexibility regarding last minute Times of India Public Notice Ad booking: We definitely understand your need for the hour and allow you to place last minute ad bookings as well. 


Recently Asked Questions (FAQ):
How do I book a property ad in a newspaper?

Bookadsnow have taken a step forward to simplify your ad booking process within few simple steps. Primarily, there are three ways of displaying any Property Ads campaign, among which you need to choose one.

Classified (Property) Text Ad: These are the most common and easy way of putting forward your Ad campaign. This form of publishing your Ad includes only run-on lines without any image which appear in the classified section.

Display (Property) Ad: If you want to go a bit more elaborate with your property advertisement in newspaper, then Property Display Ads will serve the purpose for you. Such ads are created using high resolution colored or black and white formats or templates with the use of minimal text. The format of such Ads can be of various sizes ranging from a quarter page to half page or even full page.

Display Classified (Property) Advertisement: The content of such Ads contain texts as well as images to grab the attention of the readers effectively. The rate for such Ad is calculated per square centimeter.

The process of Booking Property ads through Bookadsnow 

Step 1: Click on the Property Ad from the given list of ad types.

Step 2: Select a newspaper of your choice among all the available options from the homepage.

Step 3: Next, choose any one form of Ad among Classified Text Ad, Classified Display Ad and Display Ad.

Step 4: You'll come across three different online forms for each type of Ad display.

  • Start by choosing the location for publishing your property Ad (one or more city).
  • Next, customize your Ad size by putting down the measurement.
  • Next, upload the creative or content of your advertisement along with the preferred date of release.
  • Lastly, mention your personal details along with a comment to specify your requirements and submit the query.

Once you are done with the Ad booking process, our in-house media team will contact you to guide with your Property Ad booking and set a budget for you.

How do I book a property ad in The Times of India?

Book Times of India Property Ads, if you are looking to buy, sell, rent or lease out a property. Such Ad contains the major details about the property along with the contact details. Consider booking your Property Ad through Bookadsnow within few simple steps.

The Process of booking Property Ads in TOI

Step 1: Select 'Property Ad' from our homepage.

Step 2: Select 'The Times of India' as your chosen newspaper.

Step 3: Choose the preferred format for releasing your Obituary Ad from the three basic formats, namely Classified Text Ad, Display Ad and Classified Display Ad.

Step 4: You'll be presented with 3 different online forms for each type of format.

•    Fill up the form by specifying the location of your Property Ad release (one or more city).

•    Choose the size of your Ad.

•    Upload the creative or the content of your Property Ad, along with the date of release. If you are new to booking Ads, we at Bookadsnow have our own set readymade templates or creatives for the Obituary Ads that will wipe out your confusion of proving your Ad creative.

•    Lastly, provide your personal details along with a comment (if needed) to set your requirements, followed by submitting the query.

Once you are done with the process of booking your Property Ad in TOI, our in-house media team will contact you and guide you with the other details of your advertisement along with setting up an appropriate budget for the same.