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Newspaper Advertising: Why the Trend Won’t End Anytime Soon

Mar 11, 2021 | Newspaper
Power of Newspaper Advertisement

Marketing has changed over the ages and has altered its way with the advent of the internet. With the help of social media and online reputation management, most retailers push forward towards generation strategies. However, there still lies a reason behind setting aside some investments towards newspaper advertising.

Newspapers are certainly one of the oldest yet largest vehicles of advertising till date. It still holds an integral role in the modern media buyer’s planning and strategies. Before other popular mediums like Facebook and Instagram were even thought of, newspaper advertising was giving businesses immense popularity and value. 

But the question is - is this form of media on the verge of being replaced?

This becomes apparent through the following facts. 

While TV ads are shorter and more expensive in nature (plus time-consuming due to its production, hiring of actors, etc.) newspaper ads barely take up time and bear minimal overhead costs. In contrast to radio, you’ll find that the level of attention is lacking. Radio also lacks the power of visual appeal as well as its fleeting messages that can be missed by audiences. 

As readers fully engage in newspapers, ads tend to be more visible and people actually read them since they are not intrusive. They boast a longer shelf life and the reader can access the information at his/her convenience. Releasing ads like a notice advertisement in newspapers will prove effective and here’s why its influence won’t fade in the coming years. 

newspaper vs radio, tv, online

Benefits of Newspaper Advertising Against Others

  • Truly Cost Effective - Being compared to other popular advertising media such as TV and radio, newspapers remain cost-effective due to its lowest cost-per-reader and segregation of space within. Airtime can be super expensive! In contrast, you’ll find that columns and inches will get your job done right.
  • For Better Flexibility - Whether Times of India obituary ads or tenders, you will find space for your needs which perfectly adheres to your budget. Whether a large scale display ad or text-based boxes in the classified section, there is much more scope for flexibility with this medium. You’ll find that a TV ad spot or radio spot is the same everywhere with less scope of flexibility (only in ad duration).  
  • Better Engagement - It has been proven a fact that newspaper readership does grapple a stronger hold compared to other platforms of advertising. Further research has proved that 8 out of 10 readers trust newspaper ads more than any other platform. It also holds the ability to educate its readers with detailed information as well as descriptions in a single advertisement.
  • Effective Targeting - One of the most valuable benefits of newspaper advertisements is that it provides its readers with a variety of options to target different audiences in different locations, zoning areas and as well as according to their different behavioural patterns.
  • Huge Brand Recognition - Newspaper ads tend to get more noticed compared to other platforms of advertising. Readers flipping the pages tend to catch a sight of things that they see. Customers who are more likely to read newspapers daily are more likely to believe in your message more than other platforms of advertising (Television, Radio, Online Platforms. etc).

Newspaper advertising is far from obsolete. 

It is still very much relevant when it comes to marketing to a specific demographic of consumers. It holds a very common method of publicity. Being flexible and timely, it allows repeat advertising as much as possible by the advertiser without the tension of exorbitant costs.

This mode of media does stand tall even among online advertisements as well.  , 

Hence, newspaper advertising agencies like Bookadsnow work hard to give the best ROI to brands and businesses. For all your media related needs, you’ll find its tailored solutions and strategies much to your advantage.

So, make the right call for your business. 

Visit and get in touch with us today!

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